You started a business to make money.

Let’s do that.


Constantly sharing your services, trainings and helping people – yet all you hear is crickets? Chasing new clients on the regular, only to have them say no? Can’t remember the last time you took a day off? Wondering if you’re EVER going to earn enough? Working all day with little to show for it is passe.


Hi, I’m Cassie Howard
and I help women entrepreneurs
ditch the overwhelm
and confusion and make bank.

It’s not easy when you’re starting out. The amount of information available online is insane. Who do you listen to? What do you do first?

I’m here to help. I went from $30K a year to more than $100K a year in just 12 months. With the strategies I now have in place, I could start a new business and make six-figures in half that time.

I want to share those tips and tricks with you.

Imagine waking up in the morning, excited about getting to work. Imagine spending a few hours a day on your business and the rest relaxing. Imagine multiple vacations and the ability to work from anywhere in the world. Imagine getting paid six-figures or more doing work you freakin’ love.

Running your own successful business, writing about and teaching the things you love, will create a life that allows you to have the financial freedom you crave.