Why I turned down $90,000 in sales & added people to my client blacklist!

Why I turned down $90,000 in sales & added people to my client blacklist!

So here’s something that’s a bit controversial – 

Saying NO to someone that wants to give you money.

I know that I run a business. I know that the goal of any business is to make money. But I straight up REFUSE to take your money if you fit a certain BLACKLIST criteria. 

Since I re-opened the doors for 6-Figure Success Seekers, my 6-month unlimited access mentorship program, I’ve added quite a few new names to my black list and turned down more people than those I said yes to.

Just yesterday, someone messaged me with this question – 

“Hey Cassie, how are you? I really want to join your 6 month coaching program but I don’t love working as much as you do, I actually hate the word HUSTLE haha, I prefer the work to get done quickly and then I can take time off to relax and do other things. I know I can make a lot of money, I just don’t want to work hard to make it 🙂 Does that make sense?”

To which I had to pick my jaw up off the floor (does she even KNOW who she’s messaging???) and then responded with this – 

“No, actually, it doesn’t make sense. Not to me. I only work with people who LOVE the hustle, who don’t enjoy “time off” and who are willing (and actually really excited about) doing the hard work because they know that the hard work is what matters. And they actually love it anyway. So I’m sorry, but this program isn’t for you and I can’t take you on as a client.”

She was surprised I said no. Pissed even. She couldn’t believe I had the AUDACITY to turn down a paying client.

Well – 

Here’s the thing – 

I can say NO to whoever I want. 
I can say YES to whoever I want.

I don’t need to explain myself to anyone. 

And I know that whenever I don’t trust my gut with someone that wants to work with me, it ALWAYS ends badly. This happened just recently with 2 clients that took on because I thought I could “save” them, when really, they just weren’t ready to save themselves, which is actually what’s necessary.

So OF COURSE they didn’t get the results they wanted. And OF COURSE I felt like it was my fault, even though it was 100% ALL ON THEM.

Sometimes, the non-soulmate clients sneak in. 

Sometimes they make it seem as though they are ready, when in fact, they’re just not.

You will feel compelled to say yes to them because you know you can help them. But here’s what I’ve discovered: As much as you CAN help someone, if they’re not willing to help THEMSELVES, then there’s not a damn thing you can do or say that will do any good. 

And so you need to trust your gut when it comes to allowing ANYONE to work with you. 

To be honest, as pissed as I am about letting in non-soulmate clients, I am grateful it happens sometimes because I always learn some new characteristics that I can watch for when someone inquires about working with me privately. And I can add yet another name to the blacklist.


My soulmate clients LOVE the freakin’ hustle.
My soulmate clients know they were born to impact millions of people.
My soulmate clients know they were put on this earth to make a difference in the world.
My soulmate clients appreciate luxury living and luxury travel.
My soulmate clients know that they are VIPs!
My soulmate clients do the work every day, and love it.
My soulmate clients refuse to quit.
My soulmate clients always want MORE.
My soulmate clients are generous and kind.
My soulmate clients are badasses with attitude.
My soulmate clients put themselves first.
My soulmate clients don’t whine and complain.
My soulmate clients are open to change.
My soulmate clients take direction well.


And I refuse to work with anyone who ISN’T a soulmate.

I’ve already turned down 6 people to my Six-Figure Success program. I’ve said yes only to 2, and it’s because I felt deep in my gut that they were a HELL FREAKIN’ YES for ME and they felt in their gut that I was a HELL FREAKIN’ YES for THEM. 

One of my new clients is actually a close friend that has known me for awhile and I am SUPER excited to help her with her business. She is freakin’ amazing and I know she’s going to do some incredible things in the world and can’t wait to support her on that journey.

Another one of my new clients is someone that has been following me online for just 2 weeks! I grilled her for about 25 minutes via Facebook to see if she was a good canidate for this program and if I actually WANTED to work with her. (See, that’s the thing - you get to choose!) Turns out we were pretty much separated at birth. We are eerily similar! 🙂 I know that her and I are a perfect match and she is definitely my soulmate. 

So out of 8 people, I said yes to only 2. 

I could have said yes to 8 and made a lot more money! But I turned most people down because they just were NOT the right fit. 

I actually added a few of those NO’s to my blacklist because they were just NOT people I had any desire to EVER work with, based on what they asked me/spoke about.

I’ve had my fair share of shitty clients.

Those that don’t do what they say they will
Those that refuse to take your advice
Those who don’t respect your time
Those who make excuses
Those who don’t do the work necessary 
Those who blame YOU for their lack of results
Those who back out on a payment plan they agreed to
Those who file refund requests for work you already delivered  
Those who are anti-whatever you are FOR

After attracting the WRONG people for months when I first started my business, I knew something had to be done. And that’s when I created my blacklist. It’s a real list with real names of real people who I refuse to EVER work with on any level.

Even my team knows about this blacklist and they will block these people from my email, all of my social media profiles, my email list, and they’ll also block them from purchasing from me. So if you ever go to buy something from me and it won’t let you.. well, you may have made your way onto “the list”. 🙂 

Some people think I’m crazy to turn down potential clients. 

A friend of mine asked why I said no to over $90,000 in sales in the past 5 days for my Six-Figure Success program. I simply replied “because those people were a HELL FUCKING NO”. 

I’m much more selective about who I will work with now. 

And especially with my Six-Figure Success program because it includes UNLIMITED 1:1 private access with me for an entire 6 months. No way would I commit to working with someone with that level of 1:1 time if they weren’t a HELL YES. 

The women in this program get 24/7 access to me whenever they need me. We get on the phone MINIMUM once a week, we chat via messenger almost daily, some even text me on my phone. So they really can reach me WHENEVER. And the only reason I give them this amount of 1:1 access and why I’m so comfortable doing so is because I know they are soulmate clients.

And my soulmate clients are just like me

My soulmate clients know that THEY are the ones responsible for their results, but that I am here to hold their ass accountable and make sure they do what they say they will.

They know that THEY are the ones that need to do the work, but that I am here to tell them WHAT work they should be doing.

They know that THEY are the ones who need to have the big dreams, the mission, the message and the passion, but that I am here to show them how to make what they want a reality.

I ONLY WORK WITH SOULMATE CLIENTS. And if you’re not a HELL YES for me, you’re a HELL FREAKIN’ NO. 

And that’s how it should be when you’re accepting clients. And also when you’re hiring a mentor of your own. Hell yes or hell no. Which one? There is no maybe.

If you don’t have “soulmate criteria” for your business, I highly recommend you set that up because I promise you, it changes EVERYTHING. When you only work with people you REALLY love and who really love YOU back, the work together is easy, it’s fun, and most importantly, you are able to achieve a TON and get some pretty incredible results!

Write down a list of the qualities of your soulmate clients. For example, here are the qualities of mine: 

- Driven
- Passionate
- Sassy
- Easily Excitable
- Fast Decision Makers
- Forward Thinkers
- Loyal
- Trusting & Trustworthy
- Easily Motivated
- Risk Taker

Then, write down exactly what you want your soulmate clients to do. For example, here are some things I write every day in my journal: 

- My clients have big dreams and chase them every day
- My clients listen to what I say and trust my advice
- My clients are respectful of my time
- My clients always pay in full and pay on time
- My clients do the work and love it 
- My clients get incredible financial results while working with me
- My clients LOVE working with me and recommend me to others
- My clients send me amazing testimonials every day

Finally, write down a list of NAMES - those people who you already know and believe are soulmate clients. Write their names down every day in your journal and call-in that relationship. For example: “Amanda Smith is my soulmate client. I am so excited and grateful to be working with her privately in my Six-Figure Success program. We are doing amazing things together and she’s already had some amazing results!”

Do these 3 things daily. 

Continue calling in exactly who you want!