If you could dig into the brain of the person you are inspired by the most and could pull out all of their essence and transfer it into you – 

All of their knowledge – 

All of their enthusiam – 

All of their confidence –

All of their zest for life – 

All of their beliefs – 

If it could be yours, right now, today – 

How would you feel?

Good news! You can do this. You can do this NOW.

You can have the knowledge (hire a mentor, join a program, purchase a course, read a book, go to an event). 

You can have the enthusism (always - and only - do things that you’re excited about).

You can have the confidence (learn, learn, learn some more - the more you learn, the more you know, the more you know, the more confidence you exude… also, do more of the things you feel confident with NOW, even if they have nothing to do with the area you’re trying to be more confident in).

You can have the same zest for life (have an exciting vision for your life and spend time working toward that every day).

You can have the same beliefs (you get to CHOOSE what you believe, remember?).

No more BS excuses about how you can’t not now, not yet, things just aren’t PERFECT yet, you need to get permission first, you need to finish ____ first, blah blah blah - it’s all bullshit. 

If you want something – 

If you feel deep down in your soul that it’s meant for you, then you’ve gotta put in the EFFORT to have it. 

Choose. Decide. Leap. Go ALL in. Not tomorrow, not next week, but NOW. Today. Right this second.

Surround yourself with cheerleaders - those who will cheer you on through everything (the good, the bad, and the very, very ugly). 

Get yourself into the room with people who can energetically transfer their vibe INTO you (make sure it’s a vibe you wanna embody!). 

Spend time, money, and energy on things and people that will help you to evolve and grow quickly into the version of you that you know you’re meant to be.

You can be that person now.

Snap a finger. 


Make it a non-negotiable. 

Head down, stay focused. 

It’s all just a choice. But a choice that isn’t followed up by ACTION? Won’t get ya very far. 😉 

Once you’ve made the choice to do/be/have something, you’ve then gotta step into that, by doing the practical things that the person who already DID/IS/HAS that, would do. 

So if you want to make $50K in your business every month – 

What would the person who already makes $50K a month in her business do?

What would she spend her time on? What would she invest her money in? What would her self-care rituals look like? What books would she read? Where would she hang out? What kind of people would she surround herself with? What events would she go to? What kind of mentors would she hire? 

^^^ that is your action plan. 

There is no step-by-step plan to attracting your desires into your life. 

What you need to do - what you MUST do - is be the person who already has them. This can be confusing for people. I know it was for me. 

I thought it meant that in order to attract a million dollars into my life, I needed to spend like a millionaire. Which I did - and then went broke. Fuck. 

What I should have done, instead, was bring the things into my life that a millionaire does (and that is in alignment with my values in life), but not necessarily by spending the SAME AMOUNT OF MONEY that a millionaire would. 

For example - A millionaire has a mentor (every single one I’ve ever known, anyway!). How can I attract a mentor into my life if I only have $5K to spend, for example? What if I only have $1K? Maybe, instead of hiring a mentor 1:1 for 6 months, I could have done a 6-week 1:1 with a mentor instead. 

Be the person.

Be the person now. 

Believe, act, decide as her, and you’ll soon find that she is YOU (results and all!).