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There’s a special level in Dante’s Inferno for people who say women can’t run successful businesses.

Feeling frustrated and exhausted in the fight to earn what you’re worth? Sick of people staring at you like you’re a Stepford wife because you don’t commute to your office? The cynics feed off of misinformation about what women entrepreneurs do. But ladies, we can make them eat their words (instead of that dinner they think you should make). It’s time to stop allowing those people and their opinions to consume and confuse us, keeping us playing small and making nothing but a bigger mess of our lives. If you:


  • Have a business that’s one empowered move away from showing people what it really means to work from home
  • Want to earn money fast (read: do your own thing and bring home 6 figures and a smile)


Then I’ve got good news. Each of us has the power to be more than just a wife or mother. Being born with ovaries doesn’t mean you should earn less. In fact, both you and your business are outrageously valuable and deserve to earn the money you’ve been dreaming of.
This isn’t a fantasy. It’s not impossible (or difficult). It takes hard work and dedication, but isn’t that the stuff we’re made of? Aren’t those considered inherent character traits in womanhood anyway? Imagine waking up in the morning, excited about work. Imagine spending a few hours a day on your business and doing whatever you want with the rest of your time. More time with family or on the beach? Both are possible.
I’m Cassie Howard and I help women entrepreneurs ditch overwhelm and confusion, step into their power and make bank. I went from $30K a year to more than $100K a year in just 12 months. With the strategies I now have in place, I could do it again in half the time. Let me show you how.


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