I’m Here To Help You Make More Money Online.

I help ambitious women create thriving online businesses, through digital marketing.

I started my first online business when I was 18 years old, after being tired of working endless hours at the local coffee shop for minimum wage (which was only around $7 an hour at the time). 

For over a decade, I was completely self-taught in online sales & marketing. I bought books and read online articles on how to increase traffic to my website, grow my following on social media, and inspire people to buy my products and services.

It took me around 8 years to finally start making $100,000+ per year in my business.

Back in 2015, I hired my first business coach. She helped me to speed up my results. I no longer had to Google anything because I had access to a wealth of knowledge from someone who’d been doing this for a lot longer than me. 

I made $250,000 that first year in business. $500,000 the year after that. All because I had someone supporting me, which allowed me to get results faster.

I’ve worked with hundreds of women to grow their online business (and a few men, too!) - and nothing is more satisfying than seeing someone go from feeling overwhelmed and stuck, to clear, focused, and hitting their money goals. 

My mission is to help women create FREEDOM by creating and growing a business that they’re wildly in love with.

Many people believe that making multiple 6-figures online is hard and takes a long time. Fortunately, that’s not true. You just need the right strategy - and my goal is to share that strategy with you, so that you can succeed.