It’s all your fault!

Can tell you something that might sting a little?

Something that might make you want to punch me for saying, but that you KNOW you need to hear?


Okay, cool. I will then. 🙂 

So here’s the truth, and it’s the truth that you KNOW but yet you’re afraid to admit to yourself: 


That means, of course, that it’s all your fault. 

I told you that it might sting a little. 😉 

The sooner you can accept that everything that has, or hasn’t, happened in your life, all comes down to the decisions that you’ve made (and are currently making), the sooner you can actually change what needs to be changed and finally achieve the results that you really want. 

You need to DECIDE what it is you want and then make decisions based on THAT.

Want more money? 

What DECISIONS do you need to make in order for more money to flow into your life?

Want a new relationship? 

What DECISIONS to you need to make in order to make space for this person to appear in your life?

It always comes down to the decisions you make and the actions you take. 

Deciding is great, and it’s for sure the starting point, but alongside it comes action. Action that will bring that decision to life and make it your new reality. 

Don’t you see?

You’re keeping yourself stuck because of the thoughts in your head, the decisions you make, and the actions you don’t take.

It’s never going to get easier. It’s only going to get harder. 

You’ll start slipping
More and more
Like quicksand sucking you in
And the overwhelm will take over
The fear will traumatize you

And things will never get better. 

Because you won’t allow it. You don’t stand for it. You won’t DECIDE that it’s what’s gonna be. 

I am certain that you don’t wanna stay stuck where you are - I know you’re desperately trying to move through this moment you’re in right now - you know, the one where everything feels like it’s not working and you can hardly even fathom getting to where you wanna go because the sheer PAIN of this moment is taking over. 

You’ve become terrified of it not “working”.

And with that fear, comes the stillness. You’re so fucking scared of it “not working”, that you don’t make a move at all. 

And if you somehow DO force yourself to do things, take action, do the WORK, it all feels like it’s for nothing. It always falls flat. It’s NEVER enough. Is it? 

Aren’t you TIRED of it always feeling so fucking hard?

I wish you could know and truly BELIEVE that you CAN - you really, truly, can have it ALL. The lifestyle, the relationships, the money, the clients, the EV-ER-Y-THANG you damn well please. 

I know (oh god, do I know!) that it feels unreachable. It feels impossible. It feels like no way in hell it’s EVER gonna happen. 

And that’s exactly why it hasn’t. 

Here’s a little thing you need to know about belief, and using it to get what you want:

You’ve gotta believe in the moments when it feels like it’s NEVER gonna happen. In fact, that’s when you need to believe even MORE. When it feels like you’ve tried EVERYTHING (you haven’t), when it feels like it’s just not working at all (it is), you need to KEEP GOING. 

I made the decision that I was going to live in Toronto. 

I live in Toronto.

I made the decision that I was gonna make $100,000 in my first year as a coach. 

I made $250,000 in my first year as a coach. $500K the next, and around $480K the year after that.

I made the decision to own a Cadillac Escalade.

I own a Cadillac Escalade (for a little bit longer… then I’ll own an Audi).

I made the decision to make money every day.

I make money almost every single day (at least 6 out of 7 days a week). 

I made the decision to get married and have kids before I was 30. 

Yep, did that, too! 

I also made the decision to stay broke for years (unintentionally, of course), and that was definitely mt reality up until a few years ago.

Know this:

You’re making decisions every single day - whether you’re aware of them or not, they’re being made by you and the life that you’re experiencing is BECAUSE OF those decisions.

So what if, then, you chose to CONSCIOUSLY make decisions?

Decisions that were actually for the good of your soul and not for the good of your EGO. 

What if you chose to make decisions that would get you closer to where you wanted to be?

What if you chose to make decisions that allowed you to receive all of that which you desire?

What if you chose to be happy? To be free? To be wealthy AF? To love your life?

What then?

It’s a choice and a decision, baby! That’s all it is! 

What will you decide TODAY, right now, in this moment, that will serve your SOUL?

Do THAT, with the belief that it’s all working out for you, all of the time.

Because it is.