An EXTREMELY valuable lesson I’ve learned…

An EXTREMELY valuable lesson I’ve learned…

I have something to share with you today that I think you will appreciate and resonate with.

This is an EXTREMELY valuable lesson I’ve learned over 14+ years of building online businesses:

>> Never sway from your boundaries. <<

There are no exceptions. 
There are no “this time only” occurances. 
There are no rules of yours to be broken.

Do it once, and people are going to expect you to do it all the time. #nothanks

When you have a belief and a desire, you HOLD FIRM, no matter what or who tries to shake you. Because trust me, you WILL be tested.


I don’t do discovery calls. Ever. For anyone. You either know, like and trust me as your mentor, or you don’t.

I don’t give refunds to anyone who asks. Why? Because I don’t allow my clients to give up on themselves and back out of what they felt was aligned at the time.

I don’t do calls during certain hours when I’m with my family or doing my morning routine. If you can’t deal with that, we probably shouldn’t work together (on the phone, at least).

—> I have boundaries. And I stick to them. Even if someone says “I’m gonna sign up for your program after we talk on the phone, it’s only for a few minutes!” or something along those lines, the answer is no –

“No, sorry, I don’t do discovery calls. But I’m happy to chat with you via email or FB voice chat about what you need.”

Don’t let fear try to scare you with “what if” scenarios. (OMG, but what if they don’t sign up because I didn’t do this call.. I’ll lose the sale!?)…

Yep, maybe. I’ve “lost” many clients because I refused to get on the phone with them first.

And I’m happier because of that decision, because in the end, the RIGHT people signed up - those that were already a complete and total HELL YES.

So let me say it again:

Never sway from your boundaries. 
Never sway from your boundaries. 

Stick with ’em. No matter what. And have some freakin’ respect for yourself.