Ending the month in FEAR, LACK and FRUSTRATION again? Here’s why (and how to stop it)..

Do you ever wonder what life would be like if you just decided to drop the bullshit excuses you keep spewing and ACTUALLY went all the way in on you dreams?

You’re stuck in this place of feeling defeated, angry, frustrated, like your heart is about to explode out of your chest from the STRESS of it all and you just can’t BREATHE anymore..

You’re writing and selling and doing all the STUFF “they” tell you to do, but it’s not WORKING!

Whatever you’re selling ISN’T selling and you’re questioning WHY, again. Didn’t this JUST happen? How does it KEEP happening?

Every time you go online you hear people talk about 6-figure launches and million dollar businesses that they seemingly created overnight and you’re over here like… why won’t my $200 offer sell?! 

Listen UP, this is what you need to know: 

You’re doing it again.

You know, that thing you ALWAYS do.

When you KNOW exactly what you MUST do, but instead you fall back into THIS – 

Into scarcity
Into resistance
Into fear

And yep, of course, into stalking people online and looking at THEIR successes and comparing them to your own (or lack thereof!).

You’re doing it AGAIN – 

Falling into the trap of believing that it has to be HARD, that you need to really WORK for it, that it’s not supposed to be EASY or FUN and that this is just how it IS! 

But no.

You’re wrong.


You’re doing it again – 

Not allowing yourself to have what you want (you know - the FREEDOM you promised yourself? which is the whole damn REASON you got started with your business in the first place…). 

Not FULLY commiting to trusting in your soul.

Not giving yourself permission to be all that you can be, have what you want to have, and go where you want to fo.

All because – 

If we’re being honest here: 

You’re scared. Really fucking scared.

That you might do it “wrong”. 
That you might make mistakes.
That you might fall on your ass and look “stupid”. 
That people might judge you. 
That it won’t WORK (again).

And of course, like always: 

BECAUSE you’re so scared – 

You just don’t do a damn thing. 

You stay in that place: 

Stuck. Frozen. 

And so there goes another month and AGAIN you didn’t achieve what you hoped to. The money didn’t flow in like you wrote in your journal about it doing. The clients were few and far between. The ease was actually constant hustle. And the fun? What fun? What even IS fun?

Why is it that every month you are so gung-ho, like THIS IS IT! THIS IS MY MONTH! THIS IS WHEN IT’S ALL GONNA WORK OUT!, always in the beginning, and then you kinda… fade out. 

Get quiet. 

Lose focus.

And just… stop. 

Ending the month in FEAR and LACK and FRUSTRATION… again.

This negative spiral that you constantly find yourself in is not due to your ability to have the life that you want, the things that you want, the money that you want…

It’s due to you not fully backing yourself and truly going all the way in on your dreams.
It’s due to you giving up on yourself before you actually have a chance to succeed.
It’s due to you not trusting in yourself and your ability to create your ideal life, now.

And yeah – 

Also – 

Due to your overall BELIEF in the whole damn process.

“It can’t be that easy!”

“It can’t happen that quickly!” 

“It can’t always be fun and games!” 

To which I swat you away and say SHUSH HUMAN, YES IT CAN! 

And you look at me, all confused, like I must have 3 heads or something, because I just told you that you can create whatever the fuck you want in life, whenever you want, without the struggle

I get it. That’s all you know. It’s what you’re USED TO. I remember that feeling of completely giving up. Of surrendering to the fact that “this is just how it is”. I allowed myself to get sucked into the mindset of constant lack, constant worry, constant fear, and constant WORK. 

I believed it. 

I told my kids it.

I joked about it with friends and family.

Until one day I was like – 

NO. I don’t like this idea anymore. I don’t WANT to believe this. I can choose differently. 

And then I did. 

I just decided. 

Life gets to be easy.
Life gets to be fun.
I CAN have what I want, and I can have it NOW. 

And then – 

It just…


Quickly, too. 

First manifesting money. Lots of it.
Then my dream car.
Then business class travel.
Then a gorgeous house.  
Then soulmate friends.
Then weight loss and better health.

And more still.

And on and on, of course, because this is just how things ARE for me now. 

All because? 

I decided. 

To back myself.
To trust myself. 
To believe in myself.

And to not accept anything less than what I knew was possible for me.

Don’t you think it would be nice if you could stop worrying? If you could go to bed feeling amazing and confident and PROUD of yourself, instead of feeling exhaused, frustrated, and full of fear?

Don’t you wish you could see the things you want manifest into your life quickly and easily, without the need to do shit you hate to make it happen?

Well – 

Here’s the thing: 

You’ve gotta stop thinking. You’ve gotta stop wishing. 

And instead?

You need to just DECIDE. And then you need to DO.

You CAN have it all. Whatever it is you want. Every little bit of it. You CAN receive it, have it, enjoy it, and then ask for (and get!) even more. 

It starts with how you choose to show up for yourself.

Do you want to continue living life just the way you are now? Or do you want MORE? If what you seek is more than what you now have, then the question is this: 

>> What can you do, TODAY, to prove to yourself that you trust yourself and see yourself as WORTHY of having what it is that you desire?

Ok? Now? Go and DO that. 

Indulge the fear and do it anyway.

Focus on the results of that action, instead of the action itself.

And really –

Truly – 

Back yourself. 

It’s the only way.