Do you ever feel like no one is listening to you?

You write a post, or send an email, maybe even host a livestream or something, and it’s REALLY GOOD, but then… no one shows up? No one says anything? No one seems to care what you have to say?

I used to get this a lot with livestreaming (and sometimes still do), where if I see there are only 1 or 2 or even 3 people watching live, I just want to close the screen and walk away because I feel like… what’s the point? But the funny thing, which I just now talked about on a livestream I did on my personal FB profile, is that most people who watch your livestreams won’t watch them live. 

That’s because people have stuff to do. 
They’re busy.
They’re multi-tasking, maybe. 

But if they like you, they believe in your message, and they want to know more from you, they WILL come back and watch the livestream at a time that’s more convenient to them. I go back to those livestreams I did even a few months ago that had maybe 3 viewers live, and I see that they now have HUNDREDS of views. And of those hundreds of views, I’m sure many of them have since purchased one of my programs, or followed me more closely.

The point is – 

There is ALWAYS somebody watching. No matter how many “crickets” you get, there are people watching. Listening. Taking it all in. Sometimes they just don’t say anything. 🙂 

Don’t shy away from doing something because you have a fear that no one will care or that it won’t make a difference. Trust me: People care, and yes, it DOES make a difference. It ALL adds up - the more content you put out there, the more you say, the more you share, the closer you get with your audience. The stronger the connection they feel when they think of and/or see you. 

You have to keep going.

Keep putting your work out there, no matter what. 

There are always people that are listening to you, being entertained by you, learning from you, thinking of you…

I have times where, if I don’t show up for a few days even, I will get messages and emails from people asking me if I’m okay, and there’s almost always one person who I’ve never heard of before.

It reminds me that there are always people watching and listening that I don’t even know are watching/listening and so even on those days when I don’t “feel like” showing up, or I feel like my message doesn’t matter, it motivates me to keep showing up and speaking my truth.

Getting “likes” or hearts on your Facebook posts, your Instagram posts, or even email responses when you email your list.. that stuff is IRRELEVANT. What you should focus on is whether or not people are buying from you. If not, then you’re not showing up, you’re not being authentic, or you’re not selling enough (or all of the above). 

To build a following that LOVES and ADORES you?
That stands behind you and your powerful message?
That tells others about you whenever they can?
That follows you every where you go? 

You’ve gotta show up. Repeatedly. Even if you think people aren’t listening (they are). Consistent action, consistent messaging.. day after day, forever and ever. That’s how. 

It’s a matter of priorities. Do you want the fame? The impact? They money? The VIP life? Keep showing up.