I used to think I could do it all on my own – 

Grow my business
Attract paying clients
Write amazing content
Create new programs
Sell effectively (& actually make money)
Write & sell a book
Launch with immediate success 

I was so naive. So arrogant. I assumed I had all the answers and didn’t need anyone else messing me up - hahaha!

I’ve since learned that YES, techincally I CAN do it on my own – 

If I never want to sleep. If I want to take YEARS to master my craft, instead of getting pretty up-to-speed with things in just months. If I like waiting ages to get any kind of results.

And I also learned that NO, I don’t want to wait. Don’t want to be glued to my laptop 24/7. Don’t want to take years when it can take just months (or less) to get the results I want. 

So I started hiring mentors. 

Started buying courses. 

Started joining programs.

Started paying for masterminds. 

And my results SKY-ROCKETED. Faster than I ever imagined possible. $250,000 in 12 months. $750,000 in 24 months. Over ONE MILLION dollars in 36 months. 

Results I wouldn’t have achieved in that amount of time had I tried to do everything on my own, like I was so tempted to do. 

I was cheap. 

I was so focused on the fact that “I don’t have enough money to hire that coach, buy that program, join that mastermind” - even though my soul was screaming at me, begging me to say YES.

Because soul always knows best.


Every coach, program, course, mastermind and event that I ever paid for, was paid for with a credit card.

I may not have had the money sitting in my bank account, but I knew that the support I’d receive, the trainings & lessons I’d learn, the strategies I’d discover, would more than pay back the money I’d put on those cards. 

And so I took a leap of faith.

I trusted in the act of putting money on a credit card to get the support I knew I needed. 

And it paid off EVERY TIME. Even if I didn’t learn much or get the support I expected - I learned so much from every single investment I’ve ever made – 

They were ALL worth it, and I’d do it all again in a heartbeat. 

One thing you’ll find that ALL successful people have in common is this: 

ALL successful people have a mentor. 

Maybe not 1:1 private mentorship in the beginning, but they at least join courses, programs, masterminds, or go to events, to learn what they know they need to learn in order to go further, faster.

It’s a beautiful choice that you get to make for yourself. 

Go the “do it on my own, download every freebie I can get my hands on” route, and struggle for years trying to piece it all together to make money doing what you love. 


Go the “whatever it takes to make it, fast, big, NOW” route by getting the support you need, and shave YEARS off of the amount of time it takes you to grow your impact, your income, and your success. 

It’s up to you. 

What choice will you make today?