What the hell happened to your FIRE?

What the hell happened to your FIRE?

Can I ask you a question?


You know, the one that burned so strongly inside of you that you would do whatever it took?

The one that made you forget about anything else but your passion, your dream, your desires?

The one that got you out of bed in the morning, eager to GET GOING and making progress toward your goals?

Your FIRE is fading.. and fading fast.

What’s happening?

What’s going on?

Why on EARTH are you slowing down? You were so damn close and then you got…

What? Lazy? Tired? Frustrated?

Or maybe you decided that you needed a BREAK and so off you want on a little vacay that lasted 2 weeks and –

NOW I’M BACK, you say, but you..

You just aren’t.

You haven’t been “here” for awhile now, even when you’ve physically been present.

Your dreams are DYING. Your passion is DWINDLING. Your confidence is SHATTERED.

And you KNOW this, of course, but you don’t wanna fully believe it, do you? You don’t wanna admit that, maybe.. just maybe.. you fucked it all up again.

Again again again, you go, setting big goals, gettin’ all RAH RAH RAH, THIS IS IT, I’M BACK BITCHES, AND THIS IS MY TIME.. then..

Almost like clockwork…

You’re gone again.

Your work feels boring. 
Sales have dried up. 
Clients arefew & far between.

You’re feeling exhaused. Fed up. Frustrated beyond belief.. and you wonder:

This again? Really?


You’ve lost your fire. You’ve forgotten who you ARE. And so OF COURSE things stop working.

OF COURSE things don’t feel easy.

OF COURSE you just sigh, as another day goes by with no payment notifications, no client inquiries, no.. anything, really, except YOU complaining about how shitty things feel right now.

What did you think?

That this was gonna be EASY?

That you would just snap your fingers and then everything would work out perfectly?

HA! Puh-lease.

You’ve gotta put some EFFORT into it. The EASE comes after the EFFORT. NOT BEFORE.

You need to step up, do the hard thing, the scary thing, the over-the-top-i’m-freakin’-out thing, and you need to do it OFTEN.

That FIRE you once had?

The one that has turned to ashes?

It was there because your DREAM was bigger than your excuses. Your DREAM was bigger than your fears.

Your DREAM was your DESIRE and it motivated you to DO WHAT WAS NECESSARY.

Because you WANTED that result.

Do you even REMEMBER why you started?

What your big dream was?

Was it total financial freedom, where you could buy and experience anything you wanted?

Where you could walk into a store and simply purchase what you saw and felt like, without ever checking the price tags?

Where you didn’t ever have to worry about making enough money to pay the bills, since you always brought in WAY MORE than just “enough”?

Or maybe your dream was to have total location freedom, where you could travel the globe?

Where you could work from anywhere in the world that had a wifi connection?

Where you esentially got paid to travel and just be YOU, doing what you love?

Perhaps it was to make a huge impact in the world, knowing that you were making a difference in the lives of others?

Where you could teach someone how to do something and it would make their life better?

Where you were seen as an “expert” in your field and you were recognized as a well-known leader in your industry?

WHY did you start this business to begin with?

Ahhh how you so often forget. 

It’s easy, I know, to get caught up in the day-to-day of running a business that you sometimes forget why you started in the first place.

I can say with certainty that you probably didn’t start this business to feel glued to your laptop 24/7 –

Or work with clients that you absolutely can’t stand and actually dread talking to –

Or struggle to pay the bills - even the ones under $100..



So then.. I’ll ask you again:


The fire that burned so strongly inside of you that you would have NO problem jumping in and doing ANYTHING that could get you to where you wanted to go.

The fire that made you believe that you are wanted, you are needed, and you are worthy of having all that you desire.

The fire that got you excited to show up every day and DO THE WORK (and actually ENJOY it, imagine that!).

The fire that pushed you to do the big things, the scary things, the “OMG THIS IS CRAZY” things.

In case you forgot:

You are the motherfucking BOSS.

You get to decide how your life goes. It’s up to you to choose whether or not you continue to struggle.

It’s up to YOU (and only you), whether or not you SUCCEED, and how quickly you get there.

You have a choice.

You can continue to play small, think small, act small… and then, of course, get SMALL results..


Or you can choose to play big, think big, act big.. and then, of course, get BIG results..

All that’s required to go from small to big is that you BRING BACK THE FIRE, BABY!

Can you do that?