How To Get Paid Just To Be Yourself

How To Get Paid Just To Be Yourself

Writing what you think and thinking how you write and feeling how you feel and doing what you feel –

It’s all part of showing up

It’s all part of your message

Getting up, writing, sharing, BEING YOU

It’s all part of your message

What you’re thinking about right now, what you really want to say, but have been shy about speaking about, THAT is what you really need to say.

Listen, people aren’t expecting you to be perfect.

They don’t expect you to have your shit together all the time.

They don’t expect you to never make mistakes.

They don’t expect you to never have a bad day.

But they do expect you to show up and SAY SOMETHING. Every day.

Because what you have to say, they need to hear right in that moment. Even if it seems insignificant to you, it’s significant to them.

That voice inside your head right now is leading the way. Pay attention. It’s trying to take you down the path you’re supposed to go. Stop fighting it.

When I tell people they need to show up and share their message all day, every day, they don’t know what that means. And when they do finally get the picture, they still fuck it up because they try to make the message come across “just right”.

They don’t just speak what is SPOKEN to them in their mind.

When I show up every day and write, like I am doing right now, I don’t have a plan. I don’t know what is going to come out. I just write.

Sometimes it takes me a few minutes to get going, but I force myself to just write the words that are coming to me. In my head, they don’t always make sense.

But when I write them, when I get it all out of my head and out there to YOU, and I start getting the “I needed to hear this” and “you’re so right” and “thank you for this” responses, I know that I did the right thing by just going with it. 

In business, there are lots of things you can plan if you really want to. The way your message comes about each day is not one of them. Sure, your message stays the same, for the most part, but the way you deliver that message, the words you use, the topics that come up, changes often.

The whole MESSAGING thing is still a huge mind-fuck to a lot of people, and I know this because I don’t know what the fuck the majority of you actually believe in! I see a lot of the same people posting in my Facebook Group every day, and I don’t have a damn clue what their message is.

I see a lot of great advice, a lot of tips & tricks, and a boatload of sales pitches.

But I don’t know what’s in your heart. I don’t know what you FEEL. I don’t know what you stand for. I don’t know what you are trying to get across, to share with the world. And because I don’t know what your message is, I can’t relate to you. And because I can’t relate to you, I won’t buy from you.

Your message is more important than your free content. It’s more important than your program. It’s more important than your sales process. Your message is what differentiates you from people who do THE EXACT SAME THING as you. It’s what makes you more real and in a new and exciting way.

One of the most important things I do each day is share my message that “making money online is really fucking easy”.

It could be in a post like this (which it is, because the point of this post is to explain that if you are really good at sharing your message, more people relate to you, and therefore, more people BUY from you)…

Or it could be a screenshot of my Stripe account sales…

Or it could be another photo of my sexy Audi S5 that I purchased with the money I easily made ONLINE… 

Or it could be a video of me sharing one thing I did to make over $10K in 2 days…

But it’s there. In everything I do. You know that I believe making money online is easy. You know because I tell you every single day. And so you believe me. You trust me.

And when your community trusts you, I’m telling you, you NEVER have to worry about money again because they’ve already bought into YOU, and because of that, they want to be a part of every new thing you launch.

Your message is everything.

Your message is everything.

Your message is everything.

Money comes from messaging.

Money comes from messaging.

Money comes from messaging.

Show up every day, be YOU (the real, raw, unfiltered you), share your message, sell, and impact the world with your words & actions. 

This has to be something you do on a daily basis. And it’s something that should EASILY happen on a daily basis because all it is is you sharing your LIFE. Because remember, people aren’t buying your offers, they’re buying you and your message.

So in reality, all you have to do is go about living your LIFE, sharing that with the world, and you make money. Sure, there are some strategies involved in things like offer creation, sales, community growth, becoming a content machine, visibility, and the like, but what I want you to realize is that the money comes from showing up and just being YOU.

There are times when I can’t believe this is my job. That I get paid to share pictures of what I ate for lunch, what I wrote in my journal, my kids & I playing together.

To shoot videos about how much I hate quote images, why I believe everyone should be vegan, that I used to work in the porn industry.

That I write stories about how I was asked to star in Extreme Couponing (whaaaaaaa?!!)…

I get PAID to show up and be me, share my truth, my message, with the world every day. And yes, anyone can do this! Making money online REALLY IS fucking easy. You just have to know what the hell to do and then go out there and DO IT.