I know a secret about you…

I know a secret about you…

There’s a thing you do.. 

A thing you CONTINUALLY do.. 

That’s driving you deeper and deeper still into that big black hole of hell that makes you feel opressed, depressed, and tired as fuck. 

You can claw your way around in that hole all you want, but.. sorry to break it to ya – 

You ain’t coming out. You’re stuck. Down there. Until – 

You get over your motherfucking bullshit that is keeping you so damn stuck. 

Right now you’re overwhelmed as all else. Looking at this chick and that chick and OMG HOW DO THEY DO THAT? You look at women like me, and others LIKE me, and wonder… how is it so easy for them? I don’t get it. What am I doing wrong? It’s like she has some kind of magic touch - everything she does seems to succeed. I want that!

You’ve done all the things. 

Created programs that were a hell yes for you but that no one bought (talk about a smack in the face that was)
Been talking to a potential client who were all YES, I’M IN! but then disappeared and never signed up to work with you (ouch)
Gave away tons and tons of free content to HOPEFULLY be seen as THE expert that people should want to hire, but who didn’t (that’s embarassing)

You’ve given up time, blood, sweat, tears… a whole ton of tears… and you’re frustrated as hell right now

If we’re being honest here, you’ve been settling. Settling for what’s easy, what you don’t have to push to achieve. When really, you LOVE the push. You are born for the hustle, the drive, the LET’S GO AND MAKE SHIT HAPPEN. 

So why have you been slacking? Why have you been taking things slooooow when you know you were born to go fast?

You and me, we’re madly in love with the thrill of more, more, more - bigger and bigger dreams to go after (and get!). We don’t enjoy sitting around, sippin’ pina coladas (gross) on the beach while we do a whole lot of NOTHIN’ to make our money. 

I mean - yeah, passive income is where it’s AT - we love us some money while we sleep! But what we don’t love? Is sitting around doing a whole lotta NOTHING.

I know you know what I’m talkin’ about. 

You like to keep busy, don’t you? You get antsy when there’s nothing for you to do… so you find something to do and you freakin’ do it because you’re HUNGRY for the action. While everyone else is relaxing for hours on end, we’re over here LIVING and fully going after ALL that we desire, always.

We laugh at those who praise a lifestyle of SLOW.

How… boring. 

We’re out there grindin’, making shit happen left and right, fully living our life damn WELL. 

Sure, we relax. 
Sure, we have fun.
Sure, we aren’t glued to our phones 24/7.

But our prime focus and first desire is the push. It’s what FUELS you, right? It’s what gets you EXCITED! I know. 


But now.. somehow you’ve let that slip.

You’re tolerating so much BULLSHIT right now – why? 

Why are you allowing yourself to put up with what you don’t accept? 

We both know that you’ve been procrastinating doing what you know MUST be done to get what you want.  

Can I ask you a question?

When is it ever gonna be time for you to fully commit? 

The money, the success, the love, the fun, the lifestyle, the everything, is waiting for you. Impatiently rolling its eyes, waiting for you to get the fuck back on TRACK and into flow so it can come to you. 

I can tell you with 100% certainty that as you go through life, there will be many days when you just won’t WANNA do the work. When you’ll have every excuse possible to NOT do it, and they will all seem perfectly valid. 

But if you don’t keep moving forward, if you don’t keep doing what it takes, one foot in front of the other… 

You will never make it. 

You’ll never get to where you want to be, and knowing you, you’ll be pissed at yourself to letting that happen. Don’t let that happen.

It’s time to really take control of your life now, and do the things you’re being called to do. Run toward the flame, instead of away from it. Take the daily actions necessary to get where you want to go. No more backing down. No more hiding when you get scared. 

It’s time. Right now. You can have it all, on your terms - as soon as you choose to.