Have you ever stopped to think that maybe, just maybe, you’d be further along on your journey to freedom, abundance and joy, if you’d just, well - decided to?

Wanting is one thing. 

Experiencing is another. 

And sadly, the truth is, that most people don’t get to experience the things they want in their lives. 

Not because they didn’t have the ability to, or because they were unworthy of experiencing it, or because they didn’t have enough time or money to manifest it into their reality, but because, plain and simple – 

They didn’t decide. 

And not just a simple act of deciding either. No. It takes more than that. Deciding is the first step – 

But there is a missing piece. A piece that is so commonly forgotten about or ignored. 

And that piece?

Is certainty. 

Certainty in your ability to create the life that you so desire.

Certainty that you will, without a doubt, have whatever it is that you want.

Certainty that you are capable. That you are worthy. That you are SAFE. 

I know that you’ve been wanting this for so long now. 

You look at others (many of whom started their journey at the same time or even AFTER you did) and how their lives have seemed to flourish while yours simply stayed the same. You wonder “why her, not me? what’s wrong with me? what am I doing wrong?” – 

And you doubt yourself.

You doubt your capabilites. 

You doubt your worth. 

You aren’t certain. Sure, you may have DECIDED to be wealthy, to be free, to be happy. But you, like many others, weren’t all that confident that it would happen, now were you? You doubted yourself - just a little bit! - but the doubt was there.

And this is why you’re still where you are today.

This is why she has grown and you have stayed the same. 

This is why everything feels like an uphill battle for you. 

Because you forgot – 

To decide, with CERTAINTY. 

To know that you ARE capable, you ARE enough, you ARE worthy, and you are damn well gonna make this happen, no matter what! That level of confidence is a 100% requirement. 

And it’s inside of you, right now - you’ve just buried it after years of your lack of self-belief. Now, today, right this SECOND - it’s time to dig. It’s time to unearth your confidence. 

It’s time to remember WHO THE FUCK YOU ARE and what you came here to do. 

And it’s time to decide – 

With certainty.