It Takes Courage To Do This

It Takes Courage To Do This

Here’s the thing that you’re not understanding:

It’s okay to be afraid. In fact, it’s very normal, and something you may as well learn to accept because as an entrepreneur, doing scary things is an EVERYDAY EXPERIENCE.

I mean, unless you don’t wanna grow, elevate your income, help more people, achieve more, etc… in which case, you can probably just live in your comfort zone forever –

But where’s the fun in that??? 😛

I do scary shit EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Yesterday I began on an entirely new business model for Metta Tea Co. - and it’s terrifying me that it might “not work” (but so what - I’ll just try something else until it sticks, ha!).

This morning, I invested a lot of money (that I don’t have to spare as all of my money is going into the new Metta Tea Co. product launch - thanks Visa for being such a good friend) into a new marketing adventure.

Later today I’ll do other scary things, I’m sure.

And in each moment, I will feel afraid.

In each moment, I will question whether or not I “should” go ahead with what I’m contemplating.

In each moment, I will try to scare myself out of taking action; going through all the possible scenarios of me falling flat on my ass and failing.

And in each moment, I will look at fear and say:

“Fuck you, thank you, not interested, goodbye!”

And I will go ahead and do the thing I know I’m meant to do, because I’ve chosen to not give fear a voice. Instead I follow soul guidance, and take action based on what my soul is calling me to do.

I am not a rational person.

I do not “think things through” before making a decision.

I never weigh the pros and cons.

I am not a believer in asking someone else for their opinion on my ideas.

I don’t do what 99% of Internet Marketers or coaches do.

I just….

Do what I want. 🙂

And the only reason this WORKS for me - gives me incredible results (most of the time LOL) - is because I’ve stopped allowing fear to win.

OF COURSE I have thoughts of “will this work for me?”.

OF COURSE I have thoughts of “I’ve tried this before and it doesn’t work..”

OF COURSE I have thoughts of “Holy tits that’s a crap-ton of money!”.

And yes…

Oh yes…

OF COURSE I have thoughts of “I can’t afford that.” 😛

But each and every time those things come up, I recognize them as fear, and I ask myself –

“What do I REALLY want?”

And if it’s to hire that person, go to that event, invest in that equipment to make the best muthafuckin’ matcha ever, message that person…


Because fear doesn’t rule me anymore. Now, I act based on soul guidance and what I’m feeling called to do.

Here’s the thing, sister:

Fear is always going to win if you continue allowing it to.

Entrepreneurship is scary. I get it. I’ve been going through it for decades myself.

But allowing fear to run your life is like stabbing yourself in the back repeatedly.

You have big dreams for a reason.

You are here to do incredible things in the world.


Which is going to require you to be courageous.

It’s going to require you to continually leap outside of your comfort zone and do the things that terrify you, because you know they are what you’re meant to do.

This ^^^ is where you determine your reality.

You can choose to stay stuck in the spiral of fear, costantly allowing fear to call the shots in your life.


You can choose to trust your gut, be brave, and do what you’re feeling called to do.

Leap, and the net will appear.

You can do this. I believe in you.