It’s Okay To Move On

It’s Okay To Move On

Sometimes, in fact, almost always, as you go along your journey, you’ll outgrow people.

Maybe you outgrow friends. Maybe you outgrow people who work for you. Maybe you outgrow your own clients.

I’ve outgrown all of the above.

I’ve also outgrown some of my mentors.

And I don’t mean “outgrown” in the sense that I’m better than anybody, but by the simple fact that we’re on different paths that are no longer aligned.

I used to feel guilt around this.

Now I choose to see it as a lesson in surrendering.

Surrendering to the flow of life. The flow of growth & expansion.

Some of the mentors I worked with in the past are doing and saying things now that just don’t feel good to me.

And though it took me a couple of months to do it (I think there was resistance because they DID help me in the past and I was afraid to let them go in case they were helpful again), I finally had the courage to release them all from my life –

Unfollowing them on social media.

Unsubscribing to their email lists.

I thanked them (in my mind!) for the value that they did, at one point, provide in my life, and I let them go, free to support other humans that align with who and where they are.

It’s safe for me to let go of people (and things) that no longer serve me.

It’s safe for you to do the same.

You don’t need to keep clinging on for dear life to anyone or anything that no longer feels like a complete hell yes to you.

You’re allowed to change your mind.

You’re allowed to move on.

You’re allowed to outgrow –

And outgrow, you will.. if you’re doing the work, getting better, learning, expanding, elevating.. then yeah –

You WILL outgrow people.

And if you don’t muster up the courage to let them go when you know for certain that it’s time, they will always be there to hold you back (unintentionally, but it’ll happen nonetheless).

It’s up to you to honor your energy. Your vibes. Your growth as a human and badass business chick.

It’s up to you to set boundaries in your life around what you will and will not accept.

If you’re in a season of growth right now, I encourage you to take a look at all areas of your business/life, and ask yourself –

“What/who is no longer in alignment? What is no longer serving me in the way I desire to be served?”

And let it/them go, with love.

In order to continue to grow, you need to make sure to surround yourself with OTHERS that are also growth-focused.

This includes friends, family members, team members/employees, mentors, and clients.

If they are not focused on growth and you’re spending a lot of time with them each day (even if that time is just you consuming their content on the internet), then it’s going to be impossible for you to grow.

In order to make more money, surround yourself with others that are making a lot of money.

In order to be happier, surround yourself with happy people.

In order to be healthy, surround yourself with healthy people.

Whatever it is you want to do more of or get better at, surround yourself with people who are already there.

Buy their books, hire them to mentor you, join their programs, get in the same room as them, follow them on social media, read their emails…

Do whatever you’ve gotta do to be in their energy.

Because that’s always what will lead you to growth.