I went to a Buddhist Monastery and Meditation Centre today.

I didn’t know what to expect, just that I was meant to be there.

And while I was there I had some of the most intense of emotions and feelings and revelations come up. There was something about the energy of the place - it brought up so much inside of me that I had been repressing.

The monks were gracious enough to spend time with us and answer any questions we had. Of course I had many, but I just asked one:

“How does one stay happy and positive when they are surrounded by negativity?”

The answer, as simple as it was, shook me to my core:

“Be the light.”

This answer didn’t come from the monk himself (his answer was a bit more in depth), but I knew it’s what he meant.

It confirmed a part of me that has been giving in to the negativity around me, allowing it, but wanting to redirect it.

I’ve been allowing other people to gossip around me (even with me, oops).

I’ve been allowing other people to talk negatively about things while in my presence.

And I haven’t been standing up for myself and saying - no, that’s not okay. That’s not what I’m available for. And redirecting the conversation back to the light –

Back to good. Back to happy. Back to exciting. Back to motivating. Back to inspiring.

So I came home, got out my journal, and released.

I called to the surface all of the things and people that have not been making me feel good, and I’ve stated displeasure. I thanked each thing/person/experience for it’s lessons, and let it go.

And then, I got back to good. I got back to me. I got back to what really matters.

Once I did that, I felt good. I PHYSICALLY and MENTALLY felt really fucking good.

What we ALL really want is happiness. We just want to be happy - and happiness looks different for all of us.

But one thing that’s true for every one of us, is that we want to feel good. We don’t want to do things that make us unhappy. We don’t want to be scared all of the time. We don’t want to be hurting.

We just want to feel good.

Feeling good is a choice, just like being unhappy is a choice. If you want to feel good, you have to CHOOSE to feel good, every moment of every day.

You have to decide that you’re unavailable for anything other than feeling amazing.

And you have to act accordingly.

Your thoughts and your actions must align with your desire to feel good - which means - start doing more things and talking to more people - that make you feel good.

The more you feel good, the more the good feelings stick around and the longer you feel good. 🙂

Therefor, feeling good NOW is the priority.

Not when you make X number of dollars.
Not when you meet and marry your soulmate.
Not when you finally get that first client.
Not when you go on vacation.
Not when you lose the weight.

But right.freakin’.NOW. In this exact moment.

Ask yourself, right now, this question:

“What can I do right now to feel good?”

I just asked myself that question before writing to you and heard “more mushroom coffee. your journal. and nature.”

So I made more coffee (I have a rule of 1 coffee per day, but apparently today my soul needed 2), went outside, and wrote in my journal until I felt complete. And now I’m writing this. 

And yes, I feel GOOD.

After I’m finished writing, I will ask myself that question again, and will take the action that comes up, that will continue the Momentum of Good.

If you ever want to manifest anything in your life - be it money, a partner, a physical item.. whatever - you need to first feel good.

You can’t manifest anything good from a place of feeling like crap. Trust me, I’ve tried.

One lesson that I’ve learned over the past 3+ years of learning all about this whole “manifesting stuff” (that at first I thought was complete BS and made fun of - until it started working in my favor!) is this:

Feeling good brings good.

Meaning, of course, the more you feel good, the more good things/people/experiences you will attract to you and bring into your life.

Once I got this - and I mean REALLY got this (which wasn’t all that long ago, really, just earlier this year!), everything shifted in a way it had never been shifted before.

I attracted amazing friends into my life.

I attracted high-vibe, perfect-for-me-and-me-for-them clients.

I attracted more and more money.

I attracted more perfect team members to help me scale and grow the business.

I attracted more FUN.

I attracted an amazing home.

I attracted weight loss (without restriction).

I attracted way more than I could have ever imagined, just by feeling good. Feeling good got me into the energy of the thing/person/experience I wanted, which attracted them to me.

I manifested the fuck out of my desires and it was so freakin’ easy.

I cursed myself for making it so hard all of my life. “Why did I force myself to push and hurt and struggle when all I had to do was feel good?”

All I had to do was things that made me happy and I would manifest MORE of what made me happy.

If you want to manifest ANYTHING in your life start with feeling good. Do whatever you need to do to feel good, to feel happy, to feel joyful.

And let that guide your way.