Internet marketers have you BRAINWASHED

Internet marketers have you BRAINWASHED

Feel like you’re just spinning in circles right now? 

Get out of your head. You’re blocking success by believing things have to be complicated. 

They don’t.

In fact, success actually comes much faster when you’re working from flow, are in tune with your wishes and desires and actually just start doing what you want.


Internet marketers have RUINED us and brainwashed you into thinking being an entrepreneur is fun and easy all the time.

Rewarding, yes.
Exciting, yes.
Worth it, yes.

But easy? Not a damn chance. This shit isn’t easy. My business is actually a whole heap of CRAZY. It’s chaotic, it’s messy, it’s all over the place. But wouldn’t you know it, I make an average of $50,000 EVERY SINGLE FUCKING MONTH, and growing.

This isn’t because things are easy and fun, it’s because things are HARD and fun and that’s the whole fucking point!

The hard stuff is what will get you results. And you know I want the results, so I put on a smile and get the hard stuff done every day off the week, no complaints.

And if we’re being completely honest, deep down I really love the hard stuff. I love facing something big, scary and unknown, looking it in the eye and saying YOU DON’T SCARE ME, I GOT THIS, I OWN YOU!

It’s like getting results from exercise: If you stop when things start to hurt or feel somewhat uncomfortable, nothing will improve. Your body won’t change, your athletic ability won’t change, your mindset won’t chance. You have to push through the pain to get results!

This is why I live for the hustle. I love the GRIND. The hard stuff is what forces me to grow and expand. It allows me to accomplish more, to RECEIVE more

The hard stuff is what sets my soul on FIRE!

If things were always so “easy” (whatever that means anyway), I doubt I would get as much fulfillment out of it as I do now. It’s such a satisfying feeling to go from feeling scared and overwhelmed to feeling PROUD of yourself for what you were able to achieve!

So don’t believe the hype that entrepreneurship is easy.
Don’t believe the hype that work/life balance is a thing (don’t even get me started on that one!).
Don’t believe that there is no all day, every day, 24/7 hustle required if you want BIG results.

And most importantly, don’t believe that you have a choice in the matter! 

The only choice you have is if you do the hard work or you don’t. And if you want the big results (I’m talking multi-six figures or 7 figures a year), the hard work is a daily REQUIREMENT. You need to love the game, all of it, hard stuff and all, if you’re ever going to be able to do what is necessary to get those results.

And when your business is your LIFE and your life is your BUSINESS, it’s pretty easy for the all day, every day hustle to occur – 

Answering an email? That’s hustling.
Writing in your journal? That’s hustling.
Playing at the park with your kids? That’s hustling.
Shopping for groceries? That’s hustling.
Working on a new offer? That’s hustling.
Engaging in Facebook groups? That’s hustling. 
Date night with your partner? That’s hustling. 
Getting a mani/pedi? That’s hustling.
Tracking your income/expenses every day? That’s hustling.
Hosting an event with kick ass clients? That’s hustling.

It’s ALL hustling because it’s your LIFE (which is what you’re actually selling, is YOU and your life)!

And that’s what makes it so exciting. I live for this game. I live for the rush I get every time I solve a problem, create something new, make a new sale. I LIVE FOR THIS SHIT EVERY DAY!

It’s the first thing I think about when I wake in the morning and the last thing I think about as I fall asleep at night. 

It’s this kind of PASSION that will force you to do what is necessary to succeed. Think you’ve got it? Let me see you work, baby!