My Secret To Making $1 Million Dollars In Less Than 3 Years

My Secret To Making $1 Million Dollars In Less Than 3 Years

Here’s the thing –

I didn’t make a million buckaroos with a fancy website or by spending money on Facebook ads.

What I did?

Was show up EVERY FREAKIN’ DAY, give massive value, and share my gifts with the world.

It ain’t sexy, but consistency is what it takes. Whether you wanna make a million dollars or 100 million dollars. No matter the amount, consistency needs to be a part of your strategy. 🙌

Consistently showing up every day and creating valuable content to share with your audience.

Consistently selling your products & services to those who need them most.

Consistently engaging with your tribe and starting conversations with them (people buy from people!).

There were many times I could have not been consistent - days when I was really tired, when my kids were sick, when I was sick, when I had family emergencies, when I was travelling - many times I could have said “just one day away won’t hurt!”, except, it would have hurt.

Consistency is EVERYTHING when it comes to your success. And I ENJOY showing up for you and providing you with a ton of free value here on FB. I LOVE it.

But sometimes, I don’t wanna show up - and I do anyway, because I know that consistency is the key to success.

Are you consistently showing up every day for your audience?