If you want to create something in your life (making more money, moving into your dream home, whatever..), you can’t just sit around and wait for it to happen.

It’s gonna require more than you meditating and visualizing and journaling about it being real..

You also need to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Meaning: You also need to do the work.

Although meditation, visualization, and journaling, are all great tools for manifesting, they are not the answer.

They will not get you what you want, unless you combine them with some good ol’ fashioned WORK.

There are coaches out there teaching you to “let it be easy” and ease this, ease that, and YES OF COURSE IT CAN FEEL EASY.. but that doesn’t mean hustle-free.

That doesn’t mean you sit around, watch TV, and eat tacos all day (most days, anyway… ).

Success, getting what you want?

It comes from WORKING. It comes from DOIN’ STUFF. It comes from taking ACTION.

Yes - do the mindset work - definitely do the mindset work - but do not, I repeat, DO NOT stop there.

Journaling is a TOOL. 
Meditation is a TOOL.
Doing “what feels good” is a TOOL
Visualization is a TOOL.
Listening to your gut is a TOOL.

But that’s just it –

Those things are tools you can use to help you achieve what you so desire, but they are not the ONLY tool.

Journaling is not the only tool.

Meditation is not the only tool.

In other words:

You are focusing on one piece of the puzzle, when you need to be focusing on ALL of the pieces.

It’s critical that you pay attention to everything that you can do to get what you want.

And –

Another newsflash!

What works for one person may not work for you.

Except, of course, the whole “doing the work” thing, which is a requirement for every human being on earth that wants to be, do or have something.

The work. The hustle. The grind. The push.

Yep. Required.

And you know what?

If you just cringed at that, then you may as well pack your entrepreneur bags and hit the road, STAT, because you ain’t ever gonna make it here in this town.

If you’re “not a fan” of the hustle, of doing the work, of actually MAKING SHIT HAPPEN, then what exactly do you expect to happen?

Sitting around meditating while you pick cards from your tarot deck and play with your crystals ain’t gonna get you any closer to achieving your goals.

The money is NOT coming if all you do is the inner work.

You need both the hustle AND the heart.

You need the ease AND the push.

Some days you will bust your ass, doing all the things.

Other days you will have 2 small things on your to-do list and a ton of white space on your calendar, where you can do WHATEVER YOU WANT.

Netflix & tacos included, if desired. (When are they NOT?!)

Wanna know why you aren’t getting anywhere near where you want to be?

It’s because, quite simply, you aren’t showing up for that.

You aren’t committed to that, otherwise you’d be going all out, doing whatever it takes to make it happen.

If you really wanted to make more money, you’d be showing up more, creating more, selling more, promoting more, engaging more.

If you really wanted to move to a new house, you’d be visiting more homes, you’d be planning, you’d be saving your cash.

If you really wanted to be happier, you’d leave that shitty relationship you’ve been clinging to, you’d eat better, and you’d make time for YOU every day.

Think about the last thing you got that you really wanted.

Maybe it was your partner. 
Or a car. 
Or a new pair of boots. 
Or a $____ month in your business.

What was different about that time?

I’m willing to bet that in addition to your belief that you can HAVE it being stronger, you also DID THE WORK, and you did it consistently.

I’m not saying you need to constantly be glued to your laptop or that you must forfeit sleep forever in order to manifest your desires.

Sometimes, maybe, but definitely not most times.

I am, however, saying that if something isn’t working, if something hasn’t been working at all for awhile now, and you really, really, want it to –

You need to take a serious look at how you’ve been showing up for that goal.

Have you really, truly, been giving it your all?

Have you been giving it ALL you’ve got?

Have you been DOING THE WORK - consistently?

If not, well…

I think you know what to do now.