Not getting much engagement on your posts or emails?

Not getting much engagement on your posts or emails?

It doesn’t matter how many emails you send, posts you write, livestreams you do.. there are going to be times when you don’t get much engagement. And sometimes, you don’t get any engagement at all: no responses, no “likes”, no comments. It will likely feel like you’re just talking to yourself.

You may feel disheartened. You may feel like it’s pointless to keep going on. You may feel like you’re wasting your times. 

But do it anyway. Keep writing, keep speaking, keep showing up. Because I promise you this – 

SOMEONE is watching.

Maybe not live and in the moment, but they’re watching. 
Maybe they’re not commenting or “liking”, but they’re watching.
Maybe they’ve never spoken to you before, but they’re watching. 

It doesn’t matter what the size of your Facebook group is, or your Instagram page, or your email list. Because even if you only have 1 person that consumes your content, you still have ONE PERSON that consumes your content, and that is amazing! Of course, you likely have MANY more people following you, learning from you, and watching you, than just one person, though. 🙂 

For every person that comments on your latest post, know that there are at least 10 other people who read that same post and loved it, but didn’t say anything. 

REMEMBER THE LURKERS! They are there, watching, never saying a word. The observers. The people who, one day, finally decide to take you up on one of your offers and when you see their payment come through, you wonder “who is this person?” - you’ve likely had this happen before, right? That’s one of your lurkers and they are a prime example of why you need to show up every day, even if you never seem to get much engagement. 

Because they’re waiting. 
They’re watching. 
And they’re learning from you. 

They’re getting VALUE from you. That’s why they keep coming back, over and over again. That’s why they eventually buy from you. Because of the value that you’ve consistently given, day after day, regardless of whether or not you get any comments or “likes” on your content. 

Being a lurker myself, I know that when people stop posting and sharing, I get frustrated. I’m not kidding when I say that it can throw off my entire day if the people I follow don’t show up and say something every day. I’m waiting for and expecting their words because their words are valuable to me. Just like your words are valuable to your audience

Believe it or not, what you have to say is important. What you have to say is relevent. What you have to say is needed. Someone needs your words right now - BADLY. Speak to them! Give them what they need, which is you, your presence, and what’s on your heart to share. 

Don’t worry about what to say. That doesn’t matter so much as you just speaking the words you hear inside of you that you know must be said. 

Those lurkers (as well as the non-lurkers) that follow and love you, don’t care so much about WHAT you say, just that you commit to saying it, whatever IT is. It’s always what they need to hear in that moment and they know it. That’s why they follow you.

Moreso than your words, they need to be in your presence because it either inspires, entertains or educates in a way that feels incredible to them. That’s why they keep coming back for more every single day. 

Your words have power. Your presense has power. And YOU matter to so many more people than you could possibly imagine. 

Keep showing up. Keep speaking. STOP paying so much attention to the likes and comments and focus more on being visible and speaking your truth each day. I promise you that people are listening