One subtle shift that will change your money results in your biz!

The right things, meaning, the things that move you forward, get you what you want, and make you feel alive.

Wanna feel happy?
Wanna feel confident?
Wanna feel abundant?
Wanna feel energized?


Then, what you need to do, of course, is take actions that get you to those feelings.

You know you can just CHOOSE to feel a certain way, right?

You can choose to feel happy. 
You can choose to feel confident.
You can choose to feel abundant.
You can choose to feel energized.

And by FEELING, you start BEING.

Your feelings lead to your ultimate reality.

Let me say that again so it [hopefully] sinks in:


If you want to be a confident person, CHOOSE to first FEEL confident. Every day, over and over.

If you want to be wealthy, just do yourself a favor and CHOOSE to first FEEL wealthy.

It will feel weird at first.

It will feel like you’re just lying to yourself… because, uh.. YOU ARE.

Keep doing it. Keep choosing to feel a certain way. Feel the feelings. Feel the feelings. Feel the feelings. Over and over, again and again, day after day.

And the next thing you know, you actually believe it.

You BELIEVE that you are confident. Wealthy. Energized. Abundant. Happy.

And from that place –

That place of true BELIEF –

You’re able to make it REAL.

You actually ARE happy. 
You actually ARE abundant. 
You actually ARE energized. 
You actually ARE confident.

The whole “fake it til’ you make it” thing?



It feels bizarre. But it works.

I’ve done this in every area of my life where I’ve found success.

With clients (feeling excited to talk to them, instead of dread and overwhelm) –

With money (feeling abundant, safe, etc., instead of broke and scared) –

With friends (feeling supported and inspired, instead of annoyed and resentful) –

It all started with a CHOICE to feel a certain way.

Choosing to feel a certain way led to me believing a certain way led to me receiving a certain way.

Years ago I always used to think/believe rich people had to work their ass off, neglect their family, and constantly be “on”, in order to make a lot of money.

So, because I wanted to make a lot of money, guess how I showed up every day?

Working my ass off.
Neglecting my family. 
Constantly turned “on”.

Which, of course, led to a night in the hospital, and a doctor telling me basically to “chill the fuck out” with my hustle.

So then I decided –

FUCK THIS. I’m sick of feeling tired. Sick of feeling overworked. Sick of feeling under-paid. Sick of missing out on events.

And I made the decision, the choice to believe that I could make a lot of money without working 24/7, without neglecting my family, without being constantly glued to my laptop and phone.

I chose to hold this belief every day.

It felt like a lie for months.

It felt stupid.

It felt like it wasn’t working.

But every day, I made the decision to choose this belief again.

Now I’m making incredible money doing what I love, working just a few hours per day, investing a ton of time with my family and friends, feeling appreciated, abundant, and truly enjoying my life.

All because, way back when, I chose to feel a certain way.

I chose to believe a certain way.

I chose to act and show up a certain way.

So –

For you –

If you’re not where you want to be in your business, if your life is feeling anything less than amazing, if you’re ready to change something for the better –

Just choose. 
Just decide.

And watch it BE.

Always cheering for you,