The Truth About Being A Content Machine

The Truth About Being A Content Machine

Here’s a lil’ tip for you today –

Something to remember the next time you think to yourself that you have to create content –

Content is not something you create. Content is the documentation (and sharing of that documentation) of your LIFE and all of the things you learn & experience throughout it.

You don’t need to “plan” your content because content is available 24/7, just by you living & breathing.

Content is your thoughts. Your feelings. Your beliefs. Your experiences. And these are things you have happening ALL DAY, EVERY DAY.

Meaning: Sharing content is easy and if you haven’t been feeling that way, you’re simply over-complicating things. 

And how do you share that content, exactly? YOU SAY IT THE WAY YOU THINK IT.

My “secret” to creating content all day, every day is that whenever I have a thought that I think “ooh, that’s good”, my unspoken rule is that I have to say it out loud (written or by video/livestream).

Even if it may offend people.

So, of course, you’re not going to share all 50,000+ of your thoughts. You’re going to share the ones that make you feel “OMG YES!”, of which there are probably at least half a dozen each day.

Don’t write these thoughts down and tell yourself that you’ll get to them later (you won’t). Don’t try to figure out the “right” way to say them (there isn’t one).

Don’t wait untl it’s a “good time” to sit down and say what you think (you’ll be waiting forever).

HEAR THIS AND HEAR IT GOOD: You must speak the thoughts when you have the thoughts. No waiting.

Now I know what you’re thinking –

“But Cassie, what if I have these thoughts at a time when I’m busy?!”

To which I say - “So? Say them anyway. The thing about these thoughts it’s that they are fleeting. They are quick little thoughts that you get based on how you’re feeling.

You’re likely not going to have that same thought later tonight, or even in an hour from now. You’re feeling it now, the thought came now - SAY IT now.”

You can stop what you’re doing for the 5 minutes it will take you to write up a quick post or record a super short video.

Think of all the 5 minutes you waste doing stupid shit during the day. What if, instead, you filled those 5 minute moments, with you speaking up and sharing your truth?

What do you think would happen if you did that?

How do you think your community would grow if you did that?

How do you think your business would transform if you did that?

(Of course, if you’re driving or doing something where you phsycially cannot share your message - then, well, it is what it is. But these moments don’t happen often.)

To simplify what I’m trying to get across here: SAY WHAT YOU THINK, AND SAY IT EXACTLY HOW YOU THINK IT. Do this every day, whenever you feel a super strong physical reaction related to what you’re thinking.

This shouldn’t feel like work. It’s just you sharing what’s going on in your world/life/head.

Reminder: This is the stuff that builds a strong connection & bond with your audience. And that is EVERYTHING.