This Is The Way That We Do Things Around Here

This Is The Way That We Do Things Around Here

It’s always been interesting to me, the idea of “boredom”.

How does one get bored, exactly?

How is it even possible to BE bored?

The only way you can really be BORED is if you don’t actually love what you do, and if that’s the case, well.. that’s a whole ‘nother problem!

Whenever I meet someone for the first time, particularly if they’re not an entrepreneur, they ask me what I do (why is this always a conversation starter?!). I tell them, and they almost often ask “don’t you ever get bored?” 

And I just don’t know what to say, because..

No. No, I don’t get bored. Sometimes I feel tired, or overwhelmed, or confused, but bored?


I used to get bored - back when I was teaching stay-at-home moms how to make money blogging. I knew how to do that (had done it for years at that point), but teaching it made me wanna stab myself in the eye with a very dull pencil.

It felt like torture. I was “bored” all the time. And when I say bored, I actually just mean out of alignment, because that’s what boredom actually is - a lack of doing what feels good for your soul.

If you’re feeling the feelings of boredom, I would tune in and ask yourself if you’re spending your time on the things that actually matter to you –

Because if you are, then what you’re feeling is not boredom, but lack of alignment. Do the inner work and investigate to see what exactly it is that isn’t in alignment for you - and then fix that shit STAT.

The truth is, I work all the time. 24/7 I am “working”, in the eyes of others.

I am very often asked if I ever sleep. Which, yes, I do, and quite a lot actually. I love sleep.

I love the work, and I’m in a super hot, steamy relationship with the hustle, and I adore doing what I do so much that I ALWAYS wanna do it.

The work, of course, is being me.

How can I NOT be me? I can’t! I’m always me! Which means I’m ALWAYS working.. even when I’m sleeping. 😉

If you wanna get paid to be YOU, and have people give you money just to be able to message you and talk to you and be in your energy, then YES, you must work 24/7.

But that doesn’t mean you need to do STUFF all the livelong day!

You just need to be YOU.

The art of being you is pretty fucking simple:

You show up.

Every day.

You say what’s on your heart (hint: there is always something on your heart).

You sell things you’re passionate about.

You talk to people you like.

You share your struggles, your wins, your experiences.

You allow people into your head often.

You are honest and open about who you are, what you believe, what you do, and how you can help.

And in between all of that, you do what lights you up.

Brainstorm a list of 30 things you do that make you happy.

Maybe it’s –

Drink a hot coffee in silence.

Journal and have some alone time.

Read a good book.

Go for a long walk.


Write content for your tribe.

Sing. Really loud.


Get delivery and eat your fave food.

Spend time with a loved one.

Watch an awesome movie.

Sleep. A lot.

Have a bubble bath (or a hot shower).

Work from bed.

I’m sure you can get to even more than 30 things, let’s make it 50!!

And then, what do you do with that list? You DO THE THINGS, of course!

Filling your day with doing what you love? THIS IS THE WORK. The work of getting you into alignment. The work of getting you into flow.

The problem that many people make is that they open up their laptops and they look at their to-do list and they tick things off.

They’re a robot, doing their tasks, then shutting down the laptop and having their “free time”.

Don’t you see that if you do things this way, you’re pretty much just living a “regular job” kinda lifestyle.

And is that what you really want?

Getting paid for the time you spent doing your work?

Or would you rather get paid to just be you and do WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT?

If it’s the first option, then PLEASE do us both a favor and unfriend, unfollow, unlike me, because I cannot help you.

I am here to serve those who are ready to upgrade their life, their business, their money, by the simple act of being more of THEMSELVES.

Not by ticking more to-do’s off a checklist.

But by more honestly understanding who they are, and sharing that person with the world in a big way.

I am here to mentor the rule-breakers that aren’t afraid to do what they want.

I am here to mentor the rebellious ones that refuse to follow the crowd.

I am here to mentor the badasses that know that their next level is not gonna be attained by doing more stuff, but by showing up as more of who they already are.

Hello, my name is Cassie and I don’t mentor people who get bored. 🙂

My tribe, and who WE are? This is the way we do things around here:

We spend our days doing things that fill us with joy.

We sleep, we read, we learn, we go for walks, we watch baby goat videos to get us in a feel-good state of mind, we write, we unleash, we sell, we create, we trust, we own our shit, and we love who the fuck we are.

We know that our work is powerful.

We know that we are here to change the world.

We know what we were meant to do and we are DOING IT, no matter what, foreva and eva!

We lean into the uncertainty and we go deep into our subconscious mind and heal ourselves.

We hire people to help make us better by reminding us of our power and of who we really are.

We shine our light brightly, no matter who we annoy in the process.

We aren’t afraid to do what we feel is right.

We take massive leaps and risks constantly (and not gonna lie - we get a rush from it!).

We ARE the leaders.

We ARE the world-changers.

We ARE the next level of the next level of badasses.

And we always, ALWAYS, get to be, do and have EVERYTHING we want, while we show others how to achieve the same.