Are you acting from a place of TRUST, or from a place of FEAR?

Are you acting from a place of TRUST, or from a place of FEAR?

Risk is a NECESSARY piece of the puzzle. It is a requirement for true success, especially in the land of entrepreneurship where we live. 😉

I’ll never forget making that first big risk in my coaching business, which was simply to quit my previous business and go ALL IN on this new venture.

I had minimal money (maybe $1,000/month coming from my previous business), but since I quit the last business, I had a lot of time.

So I invested it.

All of it. 12+ hours a day.

I also invested thousands of dollars which quickly escalated to tens of thousands of dollars. At this point, I’m well over $100,000 in making investments in my business mentorship.

On top of that, I’ve invested MULTIPLE hundreds-of-thousands of dollars on employing my team, paying for things like website design, accounting, bookkeeping, business travel, and the ocassional Facebook ad.

The risks are huge when you have big dreams. But - so are the rewards… so I’d say that the risks are worth it.

Yes. The risks are ALWAYS worth it. No matter how big, no matter how scary, no matter how “reckless” they appear to be. They are always, always, worth it. Every time.

So this morning while I was journaling, the topic of TRUST came up. More specifically, the following question:

Are you acting from a place of trust or from a place of fear?

Oooh shit.

I’ve for sure been acting from a placr of fear in regards to this one thing. This one thing I’ve not been able to bring to life for awhile now. That I’ve very clearly been resisting.

And so –

I had to decide –

Do you want to keep being besties with fear? Letting fear be in control of your life - what happens, what doesn’t… ?

OF COURSE my answer was NO.

Fuck you, fear.

And so just today, I leapt. I made the decision to act from a place of TRUST instead of FEAR, and already I can see things unfolding in a completely different way in this one area of my life.

Already I can see a difference. In just one hour.

Imagine what could happen if you spent even just ONE DAY acting from a place of trust, only. Where fear no longer existed for you.

What would you be doing?

What actions would you be taking?

What thoughts would you be thinking?

That is the next-level version of you who has been trying to come out and play with you for awhile now. That version of you who is READY, now, to bring what you want to life - whatever it is.

Even though I consider myself to be pretty good at doing the big, scary things, because I know they will get me to where I want to go, I am, of course, human. And that means that sometimes I forget that fear can always grab back ahold of you.

Even if you feel as though you’ve realeased the fear from your life, it will always try to return. You have to make sure that you are consciously choosing to act from a place of TRUST every day.

TRUST that you’re doing what’s right for you. 
TRUST that the bills will get paid. 
TRUST that you will get what you want. 
TRUST that it gets to be easy for you.
TRUST that it gets to be fun for you, too.
TRUST that results happen quickly. 
TRUST that everything works out in your favor.

Trust over fear, that’s what’s required.

You see –

You can DO DO DO DO DO allllllllll of the things, of course. You can write the blogs, you can send the emails, you can sell the programs, you can launch the offers, you can engage the people…

But none of it will work for you - not long-term anyway - if you don’t TRUST, first, that it will.

Doing for the sake of doing is a waste of time.

Crossing to-do’s off of a list, just to say you did, is a waste of time.

Following the herd and doing what everyone else is doing, is also, a waste of time.

What isn’t a waste of time, though?

Showing up every day and doing what feels right to YOU, giving a middle finger to fear, fully TRUSTING that it’s all going to work out perfectly.

Because it always, ALWAYS does.

As soon as you choose it.