The thing that irritates me the most is complaining about something you don’t have, that you haven’t yet fully committed yourself to having. 

You can want, want, want, all the live long day, but if you don’t DECIDE it’s yours, now – 

If you don’t COMMIT to doing what it takes (WHATEVER it takes) – 

And if you don’t fully go after it with the focus and determination of a crackhead in search of her next fix – 

Then girl, you ain’t ever gonna have it. 


Day after day.

You can’t be timid. You can’t allow fear to take over. You have to move - go - act - now, and always.

You must be so damn PERSISTENT in getting what you want, that no one and no one can stop you.

If you find yourself saying things like – 

“I would, but ______ (insert BS excuse here).”
“I will, as soon as I ______ first.”
“I wish I could afford to!”
“I just don’t have the time.”
“I tried before and it didn’t work.”

I’d ask yourself if you REALLY do want the thing you say you want.

Because these? These are things that those who never get what they want say. The ones who are half in. The ones who never jump all the way in because they’re so fucking SCARED.

Scared of failure.
Scared of it “not working”. 
Scared of looking stupid.
Scared of being called selfish.
Scared of it taking longer than desired.
Scared of it costing “too much” money.
Scared of someone else “stealing” an idea.
Scared of letting your family down. 
Scared of letting YOURSELF down.

If you want something, and you want it bad enough, you don’t stop when things get hard. You don’t let others tell you what you’re capable of. 

You put your head down, you do the damn thing you know you were born to do, and you do this until what you want is yours. 

For how long?

As long as is necessary, of course!

Because the other thing that people like US just don’t get and can never seem to wrap their head around, is that while, yes, of course we enjoy the results of doing this work – 

We love the freedom
We love the money 
We love the fun we get to have every day
We love the impact we have in peoples’ lives
We love the ability to get paid just to be OURSELVES


The real reason we do this work?

Is because we’re selfish. Because as grateful as we are that our work impacts the lives of so many others, we don’t do it for anyone but ourselves. 

We do this work because this is the work of our SOUL. We do it because we CAN’T NOT.

This shit FUELS YOU, doesn’t it?

The writing, the creating, the sharing of your message – 

It lights you the fuck up inside, doesn’t it? 

It gets you out of bed in the morning. It’s what you think about before you drift off to sleep at night. 

It’s your true PASSION, isn’t it? The one thing that gets you turned on more than anything else - right? 

This is why it’s so important for you to keep going.

To keep showing up. 

To writing and creating when you “don’t know what to say” (you know it starts to flow as soon you just BEGIN).

To selling your offers, even if no one is buying (also: figure it out - ask for help, hire a coach, join a program, whatever - do something to figure out why your sales are slow). Keep selling. You have important work. People need it. It’s your DUTY to sell it and get it out there.

To engaging with your audience daily, whether that’s 100 people or 100,000 people. Relationships matter. People buy from people. 

Even when things feel hard. 
Even when you’re not sure what to do next.
Even when people are telling you not to. 
Even when you’re scared AF. 
Even when you’re “not ready” (no such thing, mmkay?).

Show up.
Show up. 
Show up. 

Your work is working. Your effort IS paying off. People ARE listening. They ARE watching. You CAN do this. 

Don’t quit. You’ve got this. And soon? You’ll see the fruits of your labour. Pinky promise. 

Cheering for you always,