Why Do You Continue To Settle For “Good Enough”?

Why Do You Continue To Settle For “Good Enough”?

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients over the past 4 years, and one thing I’ve noticed is that the ones who go on to be incredibly successful, earning MILLIONS OF DOLLARS each year doing what they love - have something in common:

They don’t settle for “good enough”.

This is how I’ve always lived my life, and it’s something that is incredibly important to me.

I don’t believe we were put on Earth just to live a “good enough” life. To just make ends meet. To just barely get by.

I believe we were born (all of us) to live an EXTRAORDINARY life. Whatever that looks like to you. To me - it means complete and total freedom (financially, and otherwise), and living from a place of JOY every day.

My conviction around this is so strong that I have RULES for my client relationships. If you work with me, I have 3 rules:

1. You must work as hard as I do, or harder.

2. You must be willing to show up every day and go all the way in on your dreams.

3. You must have a burning desire to serve others with your gifts and talents.

If you aren’t willing to follow any of these rules, we’re not going to any use to each other.

I DEMAND excellence from my clients. I expect you to show up every day and give it everything you’ve got - and then some.

There are a lot of coaches out there who will tell you that you can be successful without the hustle - without working hard - and they’re liars.

TRUE success –

The kind that enables you with a freedom that you can only DREAM of –

Comes from hard motherfucking work.

Sure, the work may not FEEL like work, it may be fun and enjoyable for you, and so there may be periods of ease..

But this will not be constant.

You will not experience ease 24/7.

There will be moments that will be really difficult.

There will be days when you work more than you sleep.

There will be times when you don’t get the results that you want.

There will be let-downs. And disappointments. And devastating situations to endure.

I know this isn’t what you want to hear, but it’s what you need to KNOW. And you know I’ll always give it to you straight.

Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster. It’s not ever going to be smooth-sailing consistently.

The good news is that you can avoid many of the bumps in the road that you’re headed toward, and you can collapse the timeline from which you’re likely to have the results and make the money that you want.

You can save yourself time. You can save yourself a lot of money. And you can save yourself a shit-ton of stress and fear and worry and uncertainty.

This is what I help my clients with every day.

We get up each morning and we are COMMITTED to our mission. We get to fucking work. And we make shit happen.

I help you to make things easier.

I show you where all of the short-cuts are so that you don’t have to take the long road to the success that you seek.

And when necessary (and this happens from time to time with EVERY client I’ve ever worked with), I give your head a good shake and remind you of why you’re doing what you’re doing –

Because sometimes, amidst the chaos, it can be easy to forget.

I’m here to get you back onto your path.

I’m here to remind you of what you’re made of.

You don’t need another book.
You don’t need another course.

You need to remember who the fuck you are.

And if you need someone to show you how to accomplish your big dreams, to massively up-level your life, then sister, I’ve got you.

But know this:


I expect you to go out into the world and MAKE A SPLASH.

I expect you to make an avalanche of money.

I expect you to be one of the top leaders in your industry.

I expect you to be excellent.

I will show up every day and I will give you ALL OF ME. I will lay everything out there for you, and I will go to bat for you, and I will go above and beyond to help you become the most successful badass in the world doing what you do.

But first –

You need to show up for yourself. You need to be committed. You need to DECIDE right now that you are meant for more and that you’re ready NOW, to go after it.

Once you do that - send me a message. And let’s shave YEARS off your empire-building timeline, 10x your income, and skyrocket your success.

Working with me will make you a lot of money. But only if you’re willing to do the work and show up for your dreams every damn day of the week.

I’m not going to do the work for you. That’s all you.

But what I will do, is, once you’ve COMMITTED to your goals - give you a clear path to achieving them.

We will fine-tune as needed.

I will give you EVERYTHING that you need to bring your goals to life.

We will talk all the time. We will collaborate together to make your business a smashing success - making you INCREDIBLE money and giving you the freedom that you want, while serving others with your gifts & talents.

I am committed to you.

I am committed to your success.

I’m ready. Now it’s time for YOU to BRING IT.