It’s crazy to me how quickly we give up on ourselves. How quickly we decide “it’s not working, I knew it wouldn’t” – 

Our shoulders slump, we scream words of frustration (MOTHERFUCKINGSHITBALLSSCUNTBIIIIIIICTHIHATEYOU!!!!.… no? just me?) and we give up completely…

At this point, our soul feels crushed. Crumpled up like a ball on the floor, we discard our desire of that thing we didn’t give enough TIME to manifest for us. 

But had you just stuck with it.. 

Just kept pushing..

Just kept believing..

Just kept GOING a little bit longer..

I’m willing to bet that by this point today, you’d be enjoying the thing you were so desperately trying to create for yourself back then.

Let’s talk sales, since that’s a pretty big subject in this entrepreneurial space, practically all the time! 

If you know me, you know that I am absolutely 
OBSESSED with sales . I LOVE to sell. 

I read books on sales almost daily.

I join courses and programs on sales regularly. 

I watch videos and listen to audio trainings around sales. 

I hire mentors and we focus primarily on.. you guessed it - sales. 

I journal around sales every single day.

Selling is in my blood. It’s something I enjoy more than almost anything else I do. 

But it wasn’t always this way.. I used to dread selling. I was afraid of it. I thought it was wrong.

Truth was – 

I was brought up told that selling was taking. I
f someone gave me $10, they no longer had $10. 

And even though I had the entrepreneurial spirit inside of me for as far back as I can remember in my childhood, I would often stop myself from selling because I thought that by asking someone for money, I was essentially stealing from them - even if I was providing them with something of value - something they needed or wanted, and were WILLING to exhange their money for.

I remember back to one coaching example - one that is SO etched in my memory, I doubt I’ll ever forget it.

A stay at home mother came to me. 

She was close to broke. Could barely afford to buy groceries. 

She had kids to provide for. She hated that her husband had to do “all the work” to provide financially for the whole family. 

She so badly wanted to teach parents how to provide healthy meals for their families (her passion); she knew she could make money at this and asked it I could help. 

This was back when I was a blogging coach (for less than 2 months.. closer to 1.. when I realized I actually hated blogging LOL) – 

Anyway, she asked and I said yes. I knew I could help. I had seen what she’d been doing on her blog (which she’d been running for awhile but hadn’t monetized), and knew 
exactly what she needed to cut/add/improve to bring in consistent cash flow . 

She hired me and paid in full. $5,000. 

And as soon as I saw the money hit my account, I felt sick to my stomach. I saw her kids in my head, starving, screaming, begging for food. 

I thought that I had just, essentially, stolen food out of those babies’ mouths. 

I couldn’t work with her. I ended up refunding her entirely about a month later for a completely unrelated reason, but deep down, I think I sabbotaged that relationship because I felt guilty for “taking” her money instead of seeing that transaction as an exchange. 

Had we worked together, she would have earned much greater than $5K, and I’m sure I would have felt great about that – 

But I didn’t allow myself to get that far before the guilt creeped in. 

It took me awhile to get over that money belief that selling was taking.

Now, today, I see me NOT selling to someone as an act of DISSERVICE . By me not selling them something I know they need/want, I am actually hurting them because they are going to go without. 

And I really believe that in my core. 

This is why I have studied sales so extensively over the years. I want to get better at my craft, but also, I want to sell MORE, so that more people can benefit from my work. 

Because I know that sharing my work with the world and helping others to drastically change their life for the better is what I was born for. 

And so it’s my duty to sell. 

It’s my duty to teach OTHERS to sell (because we all win when we all know how to sell beneficial products & services to others who need/want them). 

But I recognize now that this takes time.

Becoming excellent at your work takes a lengthy period of time on your behalf. 

And sadly, most quit too soon.

Most don’t have the PATIENCE to show up, day after day, even when it seems like it hasn’t been working - ESPECIALLY when it seems like it hasn’t been working, because they know that, with time, everything will blossom. 

You have to be COMMITTED. 

To working, creating, being, showing UP, forever. You have to LOVE it. You have to LIVE it. 

It has to become just a part of who you are before the money will EVER show up (consistently, anyway!).

So yes – 

It’s working.

Yes – 

You’re making progress.

Yes – 

They’re watching & listening.

You are closer than you think you are, to having ALL that you’re dreaming of. 
Keep going. You can do this. And on the other side, you’ll look back and wonder what the fuck you were so damn stressed about all the time. 🙂

Cheering for you, always.