13 Lies You’ve Been Told About The Coaching Industry

13 Lies You’ve Been Told About The Coaching Industry
  1. It’s saturated. Wrong. There may be a lot of people in the coaching industry, but there is only one YOU, and that’s who your ideal clients want to work with. 


  1. You have to sell 1:1 coaching before group programs to make money quicker. Wrong. You can sell whatever TF you want and make money. (I sold a course before 1:1 coaching and made sales!)


  1. Selling every day will annoy your audience. Wrong. Selling and ONLY selling (not giving any other content / free value) will annoy your audience. 


  1. You have to do video to be successful. Wrong. You have to show up consistently every day and share your brilliance. If it’s on video, great, but it doesn’t have to be - especially if it doesn’t energetically feel good to you.


  1. You need to hire a coach if you want to make money. Wrong. You need to hire a coach if you want to make money FASTER than going it alone. 


  1. Be professional or people won’t take you seriously. Wrong. Be YOU or you’ll be boring and uninteresting to follow / learn from / hire.


  1. Don’t sell too many things at once or you’ll confuse your audience. Wrong. Multiple offers = multiple opportunities to help people and to make sales. 


  1. Pricing too high will scare people away. Wrong. Pricing higher will attract more serious buyers. 


  1. Pricing too low will make it seem like your offer is cheap and not helpful. Wrong. Pricing low gives people an opportunity to “try you out” before investing at a higher level.


  1. You have to be everywhere if you want people to notice you. Wrong. You have to be consistently showing up every single day on ONE social media platform. You can add more once you’re consistent enough with the first one to the point where it’s become a HABIT.


  1. It takes a long time for you to make 6-figures / multiple 6-figures / 7 figures / a bazillion dollars. Wrong. It takes as long as you expect it to take and it’s as hard as you expect it to be. 


  1. You need to have a website before you can start promoting yourself. Wrong. You need to have an online presence of some sort, but it does not have to be a website (social media is best to start). 


  1. Coaching is a scam / ponzi scheme. Wrong. Coaching is motivation & accountability & support for people who want to excel at something FASTER than if they tried to figure out how to do it all by themselves.


There are probably a thousand more… Honestly, most of the stuff you’ve been told about coaching is total bullshit. Good thing you’ve got me to keep it real.  


What other lies about coaching have you heard?