Why I Hire Mentors

Why I Hire Mentors

Why I Hire Mentors

I hire mentors so that I can soak up their energy and be inspired by them at a closer level than just “following” them online.


Not so they can tell me what to do to find success or how to make money.


Those answers are already inside of me. But the power of being around someone (even just online) who is SO high-vibe and inspiring is REMARKABLE, which is why I will spend as much money as I need to spend in order to be around them always.


The more I’m in the ENERGY and simply in the same place (online or off) as my mentors, the more money I make (and we rarely ever even talk about money!).


I get to be a fly on the wall of their life/biz (same/same), I get to ask them questions whenever I want, through doing so, I’m able to upgrade to the next level in my business.


Fuck the plans.

Fuck the strategies.

Fuck the step-by-steps.


What you really need is to be around someone who GETS you, because they WERE you.


To learn from someone by observing them (and asking the odd question here & there).


To be in the energy of someone who’s at a place in their business that you want to be at.


Whenever I join a program or course, it’s to learn something specific, but when I work with a coach privately, it’s because I’m going to be upgraded and taken to the next level - emotionally, physically, and financially, just by being in their circle.


I pay to be in the energy of the people I look up to and am inspired by.


And when I do, the money just flowwwwwws.