How To Create More Content

How To Create More Content

- Stop labelling it as content, which instills the belief that you should plan it out. It’s just yo
ur thoughts, experiences, and beliefs.

- Speak up any time you have a thought that makes you feel a strong emotion.

- Write every day. Even if only a short paragraph or two.

- Allow people to go behind the scenes in your life, by sharing photos, videos, live streams, written content, etc. on what’s happening in the NOW.

- Stop over-thinking it. Just speak. Publish. Walk away.

- Remember that you can’t please everyone. Eventually someone will criticize your work, give you shit, or be offended by what you say. It’s fine. Keep going.

- Create content that lights you up and you feel so passionate about that you can’t NOT say something.

- The stuff you say in private is the stuff you should be sharing publicly.

- It’s normal to have haters when you’re speaking your truth. If you don’t have haters, you have a problem and I’d think long and hard about whether or not you’re being truly honest and authentic with your audience.

- Get used to speaking, writing, creating DAILY. Make it a habit that is so ingrained you often do it without thinking.