This Is How You Get Paid

This Is How You Get Paid

The Value Is You

The work Is You

The Product Is You


I was thinking about this today as I was lying in bed, trying desperately to sleep just a liiiittle bit longer, while my body was having NONE of that –

Around how for some people, making money is like breathing, while for others, it’s like pulling teeth.

Excruciating. Hard. Time-Consuming.

And I got to thinking..

For everyone that struggles with making money, getting paid to do what they love, what is it that they’re missing?

The answer was obvious, as it always is:

They ain’t sellin’ THEM.

They’re trying to piece together the perfect offer.

They’re looking at what everyone else is doing and just doing that, thinking it’s gonna work for them, too.

They’re pricing “strategically”.

See, it’s not about what you’re doing, it’s about who you’re BEING, because what you’re really selling? Is YOU. Your energy. Your vibe.

You don’t have to worry about saying the right thing, doing the right thing..

You just have to show up, be yourself, and say what’s on your heart.

There’s no real strategy other than the strategy for being you and sharing who you are with the world.

Sharing what you’re passionate about.

Sharing what you can’t stand behind.

Sharing what you believe in fully.

Sharing what you’re doing, how you’re living, what you’re experiencing.

Sharing the good days, and the bad.

Being authentic and real.

That’s what will allow you to build a relationship with your audience.

That’s what will attract tribes of soulmate peeps into your space.

That’s what will get you paid.

None of the other stuff is as powerful as just you being YOU.

Ok? Ok.