Just give us ALL of you!

Just give us ALL of you!

You can’t sit around and try to plan the perfect little content schedule. 

That’s not enough. 

You can’t tell me that today you’re gonna talk about X, tomorrow about Y, and the next day about Z.

I’m sorry, but no, that’s just not gonna cut it! I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to do a bit of planning and brainstorming, but having EVERY SINGLE PIECE of content in a schedule that you MUST follow?

Where’s the FLOW in that? 

Hint: There isn’t any.

Some people tell me that they work better if they plan out their content, and I get that you probably FEEL that way, but just know that deep down, you’re holding yourself back from the opportunity to share what we actually WANT you to share. 

Sometimes I think – 

If I were to share/create/speak from a schedule, it would probably look like this – 

Monday: Journaling
Tuesday: Creating Content
Wednesday: Selling & Sales
Thursday: Engagement 
Friday: List Building
Saturday: Messaging
Sunday: Sales Funnels

I mean, YES those things are great to talk about and I know for a fact my audience would want to hear about ALL of them. But they don’t want to hear about the step-by-step plan for each one – 

They want to know how I do them in my own business!

Which means, I talk about them as they come up. For example, this morning I talked about journaling on my Facebook profile, because it was fresh in my mind. And the responses were incredible! I received messages and comments almost straight away from people thanking me for sharing a vulnerable message and also shedding light on a topic so many are clueless about.

I coudn’t have done that had I stuck to my content “plan”, because today wasn’t the right day to talk about journaling! #stupid

You need to share from a place of PASSION. I’m telling you right now that we can tell when your posts were pre-written, because there’s no passion behind them. You may have HAD the passion when you wrote the post/recorded the video/whatever – 

But it’s long gone now. 

Passion DOES go away! True passion is only there – 

We can only FEEL it there – 

When it’s shared straight away. 

I don’t think there’s anything wrong brainstorming what to share with your community, I really don’t. What I DO believe there’s something wrong with is holding out on sharing that content that really lights you up in the moment. 

Because that’s the stuff we WANT to hear. That’s the stuff that will light us up, too.

And this is usually when people tell me they don’t have time to create content every day and that they need to schedule it or it will never get done. And that’s when I roll my eyes. 

What the fuck are you doing every day that takes the place of sharing your message with the world? Check your priorities. You DO have the time, you’re just too busy making excuses for yourself. Nothing is more important than getting your message out there every day!

Creating content should come EASILY for you. Sure, there are days you may not WANT to do it, but when you DO sit down to make it happen, it should flow nice and easy. And if it doesn’t, you’re trying too hard!

Here’s what I know to be true – 

What I searched for YEARS to find out – 

What has made me close to a million dollars online – 

People don’t want to know about the STUFF. They want to know about how YOU do the stuff.

Think about it: What is your favorite content to read from the people you follow? It’s likely how they spend their days, what they’re reading, how much money they make & where it came from, etc. Right? I know I’m right. 


They want to shadow you around all day and see exactly how you do ALL. THE. THINGS. 

They want to know – 

  • How you plan your to-dos
  • How you spend your days
  • Who your mentors are
  • How you plan for _____ (travel, expenses, meals - related to what you help people with)
  • Who is on your team and how they support you
  • How you “do it all”
  • Behind the scenes in your business
  • Books/podcasts/videos/magazines/events/people that you recommend
  • Mistakes you’ve made and the lessons you leard from them

They want to know YOU. 

I know that my most popular content –

The stuff that gets a TON of engagement – 

Is the content that is me talking about exactly what I do each day, how much money I make (and where it comes from), my goals, my mistakes/lessons, etc.

And do you know what the easiest content to create is? The stuff about YOU! As you’re living it right now, in this moment. If right now you’re feeling super passionate about a certain topic, talk about THAT. 

Fuck the plan! 

Plans are useless if they don’t have any meaning. If they force you do to things you don’t feel like doing.

In order to have the ability to create all day, every day, you need to create from flow. And flow comes when you talk about the stuff that really lights you up. NOT the stuff you think you “have” to talk about. 

If you truly want to make an impact and an income online, you need to get over your fear of doing it all wrong. It’s impossible to do it wrong if you’re sharing YOU in a way that can help people relate to and/or look up to. In a way that can help. In a way that FEELS good. 

Don’t forget – 

You really can be, do and have EVERYTHING you want. Take action now!