Here’s what you REALLY need to understand…

Here’s what you REALLY need to understand…

Have you ever felt like a fraud? 

Like everything you’re doing just isn’t enough for people to really take you seriously and how dare you even CONSIDER charging people money to speak with you? 

I have, many MANY times. In fact, almost every time I uplevel, which I do regularly as I continue to grow my empire. 

There are those fears, those doubts that you’re not good enough. That there’s NO WAY people would pay you so much money. You even question why they would hire you instead of the other people that have more experience than you. 

Am I right?

I know what’s it’s like to struggle with those thoughts, with those feelings and fears. I also know what it’s like to breakthrough them, which is no easy task, but defintely a necessary one. 

Here’s what you need to understand – 

People pay for convenience.
So even if you have already given for free what you want to package up and sell, people will pay for it, because it will all be in one nice, neat package for them. Convenience sells.

You only need to be one step ahead.
You absolutely don’t need to know it all (it’s impossible to anyway!). There is always more to learn! You just need to be at least one step ahead of your ideal client, and in their eyes, you’re an expert and they will buy from you.

Your experience is enough.
No, you don’t need to have ANY kind of certification whatsoever. Are they helpful to have? Sure, but necessary? Definitely not. So long as you have the EXPERIENCE and amazing results doing what you teach others, that’s all people care about. 

Leadership is a must. 
You MUST be able and willing to stand directly in the spotlight and LEAD, there is no other way to do this whole empire creation thing! 🙂 People want to know who the leader is, they want to know who they should listen to, and that person is you! Learn how to be a spectacular leader and your business will have no choice but to grow my leaps and bounds.

Your community wants YOU.
They want the how-tos, they want the strategy, and yes, they want the step-by-step plans and everything of that nature. But what they want even MORE than that is YOU. They want to know you, who you are, what you believe in, what you stand for, how you live your life. Be an open book with your audience because what they’re REALLY investing in is not your programs or packages, it’s you.

There’s a lot to learn about growing not just a successful business, but a massive fucking EMPIRE – 

And that learning never, ever stops. There is always something new to dig into.

Hence why you could never be a fraud, so long as you keep learning, and only teach what you know. 

Remember that, even if you’re just starting out, you are still an expert in someone’s eyes because you are one tiny step ahead of them. Of course, if you’re trying to teach people how to do something that you yourself have no idea how to do well, then yeah, you’re a fraud and someone needs to hit you over the head with something hard.

BUT – 

If you teach what you KNOW
If you teach what you LOVE
If you teach what you BELIEVE

Success will be yours!

I remember when I first started coaching and I felt like SUCH a fraud because I had never been a coach before. But then MY coach at the time reminded me that I wasn’t teaching people how to be a coach, I was teaching them how to make money online, which I had a decade of experience with. I didn’t start teaching people how to be a coach until I had found success through coaching myself. 

The other big lesson I learned about feeling like a fraud was that so long as I kept learning, investing in my education as an entrepreneur, I was doing the right thing. 

So I’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into mentorship in just 2 years. 

I’ve worked with super high-level mentors. 

I’ve joined countless programs.

I’ve spent a lot of money and a lot of time LEARNING, so I can be the very best at what I do, and can therefor help my clients achieve more as well. 

The more I learn, the more my clients learn. That’s a win-win in my books! 

Know that you DO have something powerful to share with your community, even if you haven’t realized what it is yet. 
Know that you CAN lead and lead well.
Know that you WILL succeed, if you just allow yourself to. 
Know that it is ALL possible for you, for ALL of us, to be, do and have EVERYTHING we want, so long as we take consistent action.

You don’t need to know what your next move is. You don’t need to have the puzzle completely finished. You just need to add one piece at a time.

Let me guess what’s happening right now – 

You’re TRYING to figure out how to make more money, but the money just never comes. You make the same amount (or less) every month, and it feels harder and harder to keep it up, let alone GROW it. 

You’re constantly working your ass off, and to be honest, are pretty pissed about it, because your results don’t match your efforts. You’ve questioned quitting numerous times.

You feel lost, like you have no direction, always worried about what you’re gonna sell next, how you’re gonna create everything you need to create in time, scared that you’re doing it all wrong. 

You absolutely LOVE what you do, and can see yourself doing it forever, you know it’s your soul’s work, but you can’t seem to take things to the next level and REALLY grow your empire FAST. You’re sick of it taking so long!

Did I hit the nail on the head with those assumptions?

First, know that you’re not alone. Many people feel the way you do, but the good news for you is that you are actually RECOGNIZING these thoughts and feelings and you know you need to change them, which leads to action (or at least, it should!).

You know you need the help. 

You know things have to change drastically if you’re ever gonna create that freedom-based, travel around the world, work from wherever, millionaire lifestyle business. 

You KNOW this, deep down. You’ve felt this way for ages. But you haven’t taken serious action. And that’s your biggest mistake. You can claim to know what to do, but unless you actually DO it, nothing is gonna change. 

And that’s what you’re after is change, right? 

Change in the way you spend your time
Change in your income
Change in your lifestyle
Change in your impact

So then, here’s my question to you: 

What are you gonna do about it?

Don’t forget – 

You really can be, do and have EVERYTHING you want. Take action now!