Reaching out to your email list once a week is DUMB, and here’s why –

Reaching out to your email list once a week is DUMB, and here’s why –

I love to stir the pot. 

And that’s what I’m about to do right here, right now, because it’s driving me freakin’ CRAZY and someone needs to say something. Might as well be me. 🙂 

When I first got into online marketing over a decade ago, I didn’t even have an email list, didn’t know I was supposed to, didn’t know it was important, let alone know how to USE the damn thing to make a difference (and a dollar).

It wasn’t until maybe 5 years ago when I heard the term “email marketing” over and over and over again that I finally decided to research it and try it out to see if it was worth my time.

Most of the blogs I read and tutorial videos I watched and even the courses I took, proved that UM YES YOU NEED AN EMAIL LIST. And more important than that - YES YOU NEED TO MONETIZE IT

I mean, come on. 

If someone is even vaguely interested in what you have to say, they’re gonna want to read more than the one piece of content they just read/saw/heard. It just makes sense to keep them in the loop! 

At the time that I was learning about email marketing I had another business (different from the one I have now) and had built a pretty solid community of followers. In one month, I was averaging 300,000 visitors to my website! And every time they left, I risked them not ever coming back. 

That was, until I got them on my list. 

My email list grew REALLY fast and after a ton of trial and error, I amassed over 30,000 email subscribers. This was without ANY Facebook advertising (or any advertising at all, really!). ALL of these subscribers chose to subscribe to my list because they wanted to hear from me. They chose ME.

I emailed my list EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

I gave a ton of value.

Friends of mine warned me to cut back to once a week so not to “overwhelm” my subscribers or “annoy” them with my content. 

But I fought back. Mostly because I’m a rule-breaker but also because I thought they were NUTS. “Why the hell WOULDN’T you email them every day? They ASKED to hear from you by signing up to your list!” I would say. 

They didn’t listen. 

They continued to email once per week (or less). 

I continued to email daily. 

Guess who made the first $100K? Guess who grew their list size 10x over in just months while the other pretty much stayed the same for over a year? I think you know the answer to that. 🙂 

And here’s the thing that really annoys me: 

If I sign up for your email list, I EXPECT you to email me every day. If you don’t, I’m gonna be fucking PISSED and probably unsubscribe. Because the reason I signed up in the first place is that I didn’t want to miss any of your content. I love you and your content THAT much and I am eagerly awaiting a message from you daily. 

If I don’t get one, I’m pissy. And I don’t know what to do with myself. (Okay, so that’s a bit extreme, but sometimes it feels that way!)

Just the other day I had someone ask me where my email of the day was; they were waiting on it so they knew what to do that day. It was only 1PM

This just solidified the fact that people do read my content every day. 
They look forward to it every day. 
Some of them even NEED it every day. 

And that’s exactly how YOUR subscribers, your tribe – 

That’s how THEY feel, too. 

So by NOT giving them what they want and emailing them daily instead of once a week or even 3x a week (in which case they’ll either forget about you because they don’t see you enough or hate you because you’re delaying them the content they signed up for), you’re actually hurting them because you’re holding back something that they need and want: YOU.

The “email your list once a week” thing is DEAD. The “email your list 3X a week” is also DEAD.

It’s not about quality. It was NEVER about quality. Because everything you DO/WRITE/SAY is in fact quality to your ideal peeps. The whole “quality” determination is made by YOU. And you know as well as I do that we aren’t ever satisfied with our own work. We always feel it could be better. 

Which is why, when it comes to creating content, when it comes to speaking and engaging with your community – 

It’s always QUANTITY over quality. Your soulmate tribe will find everything you do to be quality anyway. 🙂 

When you’re only contacting your list (or posting in your Facebook group, or snapping on Snapchat…) once a week, you’re hurting yourself AND your community. Trust me when I say they want MORE of you, not less

The more you show up
The more you speak
The more you share?

The more you connect with your community
The more you help people
The more you increase your income
The more you make a difference. 

So stop it with the lack of showing up. Stop it with the fear of sharing “too much”. Just stop it. 

We want more. You can’t ever GIVE enough. Just give us all of you!

Don’t forget – 

You really can be, do and have EVERYTHING you want. Take action now!