This Is Why Clients Aren’t Hiring You

This Is Why Clients Aren’t Hiring You

Just deleted another email from a company telling me they can help get my product into stores. 

I get these emails every week - from PR firms, sales people, distributors - and I delete them all. Not because I’m not interested. Sometimes I am. 

But for one very simple – 

Very VERY basic reason – 

They don’t personalize the email. 

They don’t take the time to write the email to ME - to show me why I should hire THEM. Why they’re the person/firm to solve my problems (and what problems they’d be solving).

They take some cookie-cutter message that they’ve likely sent to dozens or hundreds of other companies, not bothering to spend a few extra minutes to PERSONALIZE the message to me. 

They don’t make it seem like they care about me or my product - only my money. 

In many cases, they don’t even use my name! 

This email I just deleted was addressed to “Metta Tea Company”... um… seriously? You couldn’t spend 30 seconds on our website to see what our names are? 

And unfortunately, this doesn’t just happen with our tea company. I’ve received emails like this from coaches trying to sell me services, too. 

“Hey girl!”

“Hey gorgeous!”

SAY MY NAME, BOO. That’ll buy you a bit of my time. And then SELL ME WHAT I WANT. 

Truth be told – 

I love to buy. 

I love when people sell to me. 

But only when I know they’re speaking to ME: addressing my concerns, my pain points, my desires, and offering me a solution. (And by using MY NAME in the message FFS.)

Cold calls, cold messaging, cold emails.. 

They can work. 

But only if you’re crafting them properly. 

If you know what to say to show the person on the other end that you have something they want and you know how to inspire them to say YES. 

Sales doesn’t have to be hard. 

People will ALWAYS say yes, they will always BUY, if you’re offering them something that they see value in.

You’ve gotta know how to present that value.