You May Not Want To Talk To Me After You Read This

You May Not Want To Talk To Me After You Read This
I’ve always been the kind of person that is a complete open book. Ask me, and I’ll tell you. I don’t hide anything. I don’t keep secrets. I don’t lie. I don’t embellish the truth.

I give it to you straight. That is what makes me a good coach. No fluff, no bullshit, just facts.

Lately I’ve seen a lot of women complaining about other women that share their numbers (like me!), saying it’s tacky. These women share how much money they’ve made, how much money they spend, how many clients they have. You get the idea.

Not only is it healthy to talk about money, but the more open you can be about it, the easier it is to let go of old money beliefs that may be holding you back from receiving the financial abundance you really want.

I often share how much money I make, what my money goals are for the month or year and what I spend my money on. I don’t do this to brag or pretend that I’m better than somebody else, I do it to show that YOU can do this, too!

You can also have consistent 5-figure months, you can also take multiple trips around the world each year, you can also make multiple six-figure years your new normal.

But only if you are comfortable and confident when talking and reading about money.

The next time you receive an email or see an article or stumble across a social media post where someone is talking about money - JUMP IN. Read it. Leave a comment. Share your story. Be open, honest, and vulnerable.

Not only is this a fantastic (and simple) way to start opening yourself up to receive more money, but it also establishes trust in your personal brand (which eventually leads to clients - and cash).

See how all of this works? Do you understand why this money talk is so important?

My goal for the next 5 months is $450,000 in sales. What about you? Comment and let me know what your income goal is and how you plan to reach it.

Let’s start opening up the dialogue about money. No more hiding. I promise it will only serve you, not hinder you, in reaching your financial goals.