Think about who you want to be in 5 years –

Hell, even 2 years or LESS, from now – 

What are you wearing? 
Where are you living? 
What are you eating?
Who are you spending time with?
What kind of work are you doing?
How much money are you making? 
Where and how often are you traveling? 
HOW are you travelling? First class? Private jet?

NOTHING is off limits here.

Write about you 2 years from now. Who IS this person?

Then, starting today, starting RIGHT NOW –


Before you do anything, ask yourself, is this how $1 Million (or whatever amount of money you want to be making in 2 years) ___ (your name here) would be living/acting/speaking/eating/shopping?


You want to buy a new pair of shoes.

The ones you like are $500.
The ones that are “okay”, are only $200.

You go back and forth between the two because you REALLY want the $500 pair. But you can’t get over the price.

“Can I really afford it?”
“The other shoes are fine, I should just get those.”

This is the perfect time to ask yourself, (using your name and money goal), “Is this how $10 million dollar Cassie would shop for new shoes?”.

Answer: HELL NAW.

And it’s not just the money stuff either, it’s also how you speak, how you act, what you wear, what you eat.

To become the person you want to be 2, 5, 10, 15 years from now, you don’t WAIT until it happens, you start acting as if you ALREADY ARE her.

And by being this person, doing work you love, all day, every day, you NEVER, not once, EVER consider retirement, because retirement is WORSE than the life you’re living.

Now THAT is true power, that is true passion. That is doing the work, getting the result and in turn, getting EVERYTHING you want out of life (and more).

So get out there, live your life as that $1 Million, $5 Million, $10 Million dollar version of yourself, and stay where you are in that moment. Because it’s all you’ll ever need.