How To Shift From Fear & Anxiety, To Trust

How To Shift From Fear & Anxiety, To Trust

Let’s cut right to the chase:

Adopting a mindset of fear has been allowing you to stay stuck. It has kept you so focused on lack as opposed to abundance.

So more lack is what you’ve been experiencing, hasn’t it?

Lack of freedom
Lack of money
Lack of energy 
Lack of time
Lack of joy
Lack of clients
Lack of fun

You must choose to take the action necessary to shift your mindset.

But… it’s easier said than done, isn’t it?

I know, I used to feel that way, too. I used to get so annoyed with people who told me to “just change your mindset” - it wasn’t that easy!

I’d had that same mindset my entire life. It was going to take more than just deciding to change my mindset that would allow me to do so.

Of course, you must START with choosing to change your mindset. But that’s just the first step. There are more things that you need to do if you truly want to change your mindset for good.

It’s going to require a conscious effort on your part.

Firstly, you need to align with trust over fear - meaning you need to make the feeling of trust feel GOOD.

And then, it’s a continuted re-aligning with trust when you slip back into fear (which will happen from time to time) –

In addition to that constant re-alignment, you’re probably looking for some practical actions to take that will help you to really solidify that trust inside of you, right?

I got you.

Here’s what I do –

>>> Read a book / listen to a podcast / watch a video that blocks out your fear (I will often seek something out specifically around “how to trust yourself” or “how to banish fear”.. something along those lines).

>>> Meditate and ask for guidance around how to more easily trust & believe. What can I do? What would make this feel really easy for me?

>>> Stay in the present moment. Smell the smells around you. Touch the surfaces. Taste whatever food/drink may be in front of you. Go outside and feel the air on your skin. If possible, put your bare feet on the grround and take some deep breaths.

>>> Focus on your big goals and dreams. NOT the fact that they haven’t yet manifested, but as if they are already here and yours, now. Affirm them as DONE and your current reality, repeatedly.

>>> Set affirmtion alarms on your phone. 1x daily or more, have the alarm go off and an affirmation pop up that makes you feel good. I am safe. I am abundant. I am worthy. There’s no need to worry, everything is happening for me perfectly.

In addition, instead of focusing on doing, you must focus on BEING.

Being in the right mindset (abundant & trusting).
Being brave and taking courageous action.
Being confident (keep learning - this boosts confidence!).
Being joyful (joy attracts more things to be joyful about).
Being IN each moment completely (thinking about the past causes anxiety & thinking about the future causes fear - so remember to stay in the present moment, always).

When you are acting from a place of BEING instead of from a place of DOING, you’re more able to receive the things that you desire in life.

To receive, you must train yourself to be a magnet for receiving what you want. This does not come naturally for most people –

Everyone is able to easily receive, but very few are able to receive what they WANT. That’s because you haven’t become a magnet for receiving THE RIGHT THINGS (the things that you desire).

How can you better receive your desires?

- Understand the thing / person / experience that you’re trying to receive. (Want to receive more money? Learn about money. Want to receive a soulmate relationship? Learn about attracting a soulmate into your life.)

- Clear out all physical (and digital) clutter to make space for whart you want. If there’s nowhere for it to go, it can’t arrive. (If you want a new car, for example, clean out your garage! If you want new clients, clear your schedule!)

- Eliminate any bad habits surrounding your desire. For example, if you want to lose weight, remove all the processed foods from your cupboards.

- Affirm the desire as already done. Affirm it in the present tense. I am fit & healthy. I’m in a super hot relatiomship with my soulmate. I make 6-figures in my business each year. I am surrounded by incredible friends.

- Feel the physical feelings of having already received the desire. How would you feel if you’d already received the million dollars you want? Happy? Proud? Safe? What can you do to feel those feelings NOW?

What you seek is most definetely meant for you.

If you desire it, that’s because you’re meant to have / experience it. Your desires are your road map. Follow them.

You’re meant to experience it all –


It’s all meant for you and you are so fucking worthy of everything.

Trust yourself. Trust your experience. Trust the guidance you are receiving.

And act as though what you want is already yours –

Because it is.